Heat Pump Buying Guide – Prices And Reviews

heat pumpsInnovation and creativity are now growing so fast. Not only in develop countries, developing countries also follow this ‘trend.’ It seems that every company or even everyone wants to find a new technology in almost all fields. The basic purpose is only to help human in having good life. One of new technologies that are recently so popular in all around the world is heat pump. It is considered as a good finding on the case of energy conversion. This technology is invented with two types, several advantages, various prices, and best heat pump brands.

Before knowing further detail information regarding to this technology, one basic point that you should know is about what heat pump is. It is a device that consists of some components to flow energy (air) after it reaches certain temperature to particular destination. The source and the destination of transferring energy usually are called heat source and heat sink. It works by turn over the flow of refrigerant circulation. This device has two modes; cooling mode and heating mode. The amount of the energy produced will increase after the process. In addition, the final result of temperature which comes from the device can be adjusted.

Heat Pump Brands and Factors Affecting Cost

Heat pump brands are all good. They all work better as the energy saver compared with the conventional water heater. But we couldn’t just stop there and start to buy any heat pump meets our eyes. We must consider many things, from what fuels the heat pump uses, to the efficiency we’ll get in total. For better information, let’s take some minutes reading about it here.

The Quality of Heat Pump According To The Brands

When you see the heat pump ads, you’ll get the same impression of all: they’re offering the efficiency. However, it’s still unclear whether the heat pump you choose is right until you meet the heat pump constructor. So if you don’t want the cost and efficiency calculation to bother you, it’s best if you just count it on someone expert. Anyway, we’ll still give you some rough images and calculation to help you understand about it a bit.

Recently, there are five heat pump brands people mostly use, here they are. We don’t make this list according to the quality rankings anyway.

American Standard. This most popular restroom utensil you ever heard also make the heat pumps with outstanding quality. The heat pumps they make are just as good as other high-quality heat pumps but they win with the brand.

Goodman Heat Pumps. This isn’t as popular as American Standard but the quality is just as reliable. Most HVAC constructors even recommend this as the best heat pump they would choose.

Mitsubishi. Japanese heat pumps are suitable for countries with an extremely cold temperature. The system is more complex than usual American’s heat pump, anyway.

Day & Night’s United Technology. UT is popular as one of the most advance tech-company in the USA. It has released much durable equipment including the heat pump.

Carrier. One of the branches of UT’s product, with the durability that’s comparable with Day & Night.

However, with the top-notch brands they get, their prices are gotten more expensive nowadays.

The Performance of Each Heat Pump In General

We’ve mentioned some heat pumps with the top brand. They work better than other brands, though, with the durability and the highly efficient boiler. But the price is overestimated if it’s only for the home and private use. It’s fair to say that the higher price determines the higher performance. But sometimes people don’t actually need the performance as high as the pricey heat pump they buy.

To compare how each heat pump works, you can use the Coefficient of Performance (CoP) as listed below.

Seasonal CoP (SCoP), this could give the exact measurement of how your heat pump works at each season regarding the temperature each day.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). You could use this one to find out how fast a heat pump is cooling down after heating the water in a season. The faster it gets cooled down, the bigger its efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), this shows the sum-up of efficiency a heat pump produces on the whole year. It also shows the calculation of thermal power the heat pump gives compared to the total electrical it uses.

Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF), this is the total of performance a heat pump each season, including the energy efficiency and the performance. When you want to see how a heat pump works in total, it’s best if you just directly see the SPF nominal.

CoP is the easiest tool for non-constructor to find out about the heat pump performance. However, reading it’s still a bit difficult if you don’t understand the heat pump’s working system.

Calculating the Heat Pump’s Efficiency

The real definition of efficiency is the comparison of thermal energy the heat pumps give and the power they use. The power means electricity and any other fuels that make you spend the money on it. If the heat pump doesn’t give you at least 50% efficiency, then you must think again your decision to buy it. For more explanation about the efficiency, there is some efficiency comparison you can use.

Electric Heat Pump

Heat pumps that use electricity as fuel mostly are air-to-air, air to water, or ground heat pumps. They have the biggest efficiency of all, with 250 – 350 percent higher than the usual water heater. However, the thermal power they give is just 40 degrees temperature on average. About the cost, air-to-air and air to water spend less money than ground source heat pumps.

Gas/Oil Heat Pump

A heat pump that uses gas or oil might be less simplicity since you need to refill the gas and oil when it runs out. However, the thermal power it produces is bigger than the usual electric heat pump. Since gas or oil heat pump can produce until 80 – 90 degrees. As for the cost, most gas and oil heat pumps spend only a low cost. But they don’t suit home usage since they’re riskier than the electric heat pump.

Alternative Energy Heat Pump

If you want to be protective of the environment, using the alternative energy heat pumps would be the best choice. Alternative heat pumps produce various temperatures according to its kind of alternative energy uses.  However, the efficiency is only 80 – 85% better than the usual water heater.

Determining Which Heat Pump Size Suits Your Need

There are various sizes for heat pumps, and to decide this you need to know the factors that affect it. Here are some factors you must to consider before buying a heat pump.

The Width of Space Used To Install The Heat Pump

First of all, you need to determine which rooms will use the heat pump – and which wouldn’t. After that you need to know how far the thermal power will be distributed, and if the heat pump could reach it.

The Gap of Space That Needs The Heat Pump (If Any)

If you intend to distribute the thermal power at a certain area, you must think in case there is a gap space separate the powered area. If any, you need to measure if the thermal power can pass through space next to the gap.

Manual J and Manual S

This is the simpler way to measure the size of a heat pump you need. You can use manual J to measure your house size and condition per season. Meanwhile, the manual S is used to decide the best equipment you can use in order to distribute the thermal power properly.

That’s all the complete information about the heat pump and factors that affect how much the cost it needs. However, if you want a better explanation you can ask anytime the HVAC constructor in your area.

Heat Pump Prices List

Another important information will be about something that may make you curious which are heat pump prices. Just like other devices, brand will be one of factor that will determine the price. In addition, the set of heat pump will also influence the price. A company usually offers two different prices for complete system and complete system installed. Based on market research, leading heat pump brands usually sell their heat pump in complete system package for about $1,400 to $3,000. You will spend $4,000 to 8,500 to order complete system installed. The price is worthy considering the advantages of having heat bump.

In general, heat pump prices are always diverse. Depending on the brand, a complete heat pump installation can start at as low as $1,800 all the way up to a cool $8,500. Among the most well-known HVAC machine manufacturers are Lennox, Carrier, Emerson, Trane, Amana, Coleman, and Aire-Flo. They make their big names thanks to the systems’ not only for efficiency and longevity but also remarkable technical support.

Another factor that determines the total investment you have to afford for a heat pump is the type of the system. The most expensive yet most reliable system is geothermal heat pumps. Such systems acquire the heat source from below the ground, thus requiring more tedious and more complex steps during installation. In this article, you’re going to learn and be able to compare heat pump prices for various brands and types alike.

Heat Pump Prices Based on Types

Unlike other conventional heating systems, heat pumps utilize different approach at making a room warmer in cold weather. They do not necessarily generate heat like traditional furnaces. Instead, they only move hot air from one room and pump it out on the other.

More specifically, the systems pull air from one place and then heat it up and deliver it back on to the desired room. Inside, they are equipped with vapor refrigeration compression assisted with reversing valves which enable many heat pumps to deliver cool air as well on hot weather, cutting out the need for an air conditioner. In other words, heat pump prices may look incredibly expensive from the start but they’ll pay themselves off on the long term.

Based on the heat source, heat pumps generally can be divided into three types: water heat pump, air source heat pump and geothermal heat pump. As their names imply, water heat pumps make use of water (usually from a swimming pool) to heat the air while air source heat pumps utilize the outdoor air to either heat or cool the rooms.
Geothermal heat pumps, on the other hand, acquire the heat they need from the underground, allowing it to work effectively even in freezing temperature. The complete installation heat pump prices for such a system based on average size 2.5 ton unit revolve around $9,200. As for water and air source heat pumps, the starting investment you have to afford could start at about $3,600 and $4,750 respectively.

Heat Pump Prices Based on Brands

Heat pump costs also vary depending on the brand on which you put your trust on. Brands strictly correlate with the system efficiency. On a nutshell, it is safe for us to assume that the more popular a manufacturer is, the more efficient their machines are, and of course the higher their costs are. Better efficiency always leads to more savings on your energy bills, so don’t let the starting prices fool you.

Based on the average 2.5 ton unit size, mid-range systems are sold at $1,500-$2,000 price range while high-end heat pump prices are usually set at $2,300-$3,200.

What Size Heat Pump Do I Need

Before installing a heat pump at the house, you must find out what size of heat pump do you need. There are factors you must consider, from the amount of water until how far the heated water will be distributed. For more explanation, let’s read our brief guide about how to calculate the heat pump size below.

How To Calculate Your Heat Pump Size

There are already some sites advising you to use a professional contractor to determine the size for your heat pump. For now, let’s ignore it for a while and focus on calculating the size with your own logic. Anyway, there are things you can use to predict a heat pump size by yourself, here they are.

The Width of Space For Installing

A heat pump can be oversized or undersized. Especially if you don’t calculate the size of space that needs the heated water. So before deciding to install a heat pump, you must first make a rough design of your house, set which bathrooms will use the pump. If you already do this, you can do the further step by measuring the pipes you need to distribute the water.

The Obstacles For Water To Through (if any)

Likewise the water pump, a heat pump couldn’t work as efficient if there are many obstacles at the installation space. For example, if there’s a wide room that doesn’t need the heated water, but the next room needs it otherwise. The wider this room, the bigger heat pump size should be. If you just measure its size by considering how many rooms using the heat pump, perhaps you’ll make your heat pump undersized.

The Sizing Rules

Different governments already decided the rules to measure a heat pump size. Nowadays, we could measure the size of the heat pump with guides like manual J and manual S. You should use these two altogether in order to prevent heat pump wrong sizing.

That’s all the components you must consider to calculate the heat pump size. Usually, a regular house will use 12 until 15 thousand BTU in a day. But the number is different if you’re planning to install a heat pump with a larger distribution range.

What Heat Pump Efficiency Is Right For You

No one can deny the efficiency of heat pump rather than a water heater. This far comparison comes from the basic way how those two devices work. A water heater works by generating heat from the electricity it uses. Meanwhile, a heat pump transfers the heat it gets from the main source. However, the source heat pump uses isn’t the electricity but the sun or ground.

Anyway, not all heat pumps work at the same level of efficiency, it’s best if you choose which one suits you the most, which enlisted below.

Low Efficiency Heat Pump

There are many kinds of heat pump all there, and the more it’s efficient, the more you need to pay for it. But it’s okay to use a heat pump with low efficiency as long as you feel enough to use it.

Most commercial heat pumps nowadays use this rate of efficiency, which is 85% more efficient than a conventional water heater. However, it won’t be as efficient if you use biomass or steam boiler, because you need to spend more money to buy its fuel.

Medium Efficiency Heat Pump

A condensing boiler is included on the kind of heat pump with medium efficiency. While it has the same 85–90% efficiency comparison, it’s cheaper than heat pumps that use biomass fuels. Anyway, condensing boiler mostly uses fuels like LPG, gas, and biogas. Yes, they’re cheaper than biomass but the risk of using them is higher. If there’s any error at the installation, the heat pumps could explode and life-threatening.

High Efficiency Heat Pump

Among all the kind of efficient heat pumps, the one that uses electricity is the most efficient one. An electric heat pump could work 250-300% more efficient than a usual water heater, makes it suits the wide usage. However, using this kind of energy means we’re not joining the climate change campaign. That’s why some people hesitate to use electric heat pumps.

That’s all the consideration we can give before you choose which heat pump efficiency suits you the most. You’re free to make any decision according to the considerations because all heat pump has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Type of Heat Pump

There are two main types of heat pump that are now being published. The first type is called compression. It uses mechanical energy to activate all components of transferring energy. In simple words, this first type can work with electricity. Thus, it is suitable for personal usage. You can see this type on air conditioner or water heater. The simple operation of compression makes it as a good choice to be applied in your house. Second type is driven by natural gas or electricity. It is named absorption. Considering the fuel for each type is different, the process of transferring energy is also different.

The Advantage of Heat Pump

As a technology, heat pump offers several advantages especially for the users. It is not only helpful for human but also earth. It is noted that this technology is created as part of green technology. It means that it will not make worse earth condition (global warming even it is frequently used at home or office.

Furthermore, it can effectively work in all temperature and weather. Outside temperature will not change the production of energy on it. When you activate the heater mode, you will get best temperature while outside temperature is very low. In case of affectivity, it also saves energy needed for moving thermal energy. For example, conventional device needs 2 it will only spend less than 1. Buying this device means you will save your money because you do not need to buy cooler and heater for your house.

Another advantage is it is easy to install. You do not need to follow complicated manual and prepare special space. It is because it is small. One thing that you should consider before the installation is to ensure that it is put on a space with good air circulation. Safety can also be granted by using this device.

Choosing the Best Heat Pump

There are many heat pump brands that you can find. Such fact may make you confused to choose. Actually, there are some things that you should consider when choosing the best heat pump. You have to find the best side of your home or office to put heat pump. It is important since it will influence how the device work and the need of units to optimize heat pump.

Reading reviews from other users is also needed. You can see and ensure whether your choice is the best or not. If most of users give positive comment, you can choose and trust that brand. When you read a review, you can pay attention on the air compressor. You should ensure that the brand that you choose has low noise of air compressor.

In addition, knowing the review from other people will be also useful to compare one brand to another. You should also consider about installation accessories. You do not need all kinds of units because a good brand can guarantee your conformity without various additional units. Heat pump that is fueled by electricity is the most recommended to use at home because it will not cause pollution around your house.

Top 5 Best Heat Pump Brands Reviews

Trane Heat Pumps

Trane Heat PumpsTrane Heat Pump is noted on the list of best rank of heat pump brand in the world. It offers various editions that you can choose and of course with various range of prices, too. Users of this brand claimed that this heat pump applies the most efficient system to ensure the best temperature and durable heat pump. It reaches 20.00 SEER. With that rating, it means your freshness is granted. More than that, 20.00 SEER will prevent temperature swings. This heat pump reaches 10.00 HSPF. It is because all of the components are designed to adapt with temperature outside automatically.

Even you choose lower specification of Trane you can still get total comfort in your home. It is because Trane always applies qualified components. Another superiority of this brand is on its noise. Integrated fan system to compressor insulator is two main components that support this heat pump to have less noise.

Goodman Heat Pump

Goodman Heat PumpsTo give you another alternative, Goodman Heat Pumps are also recommended. It is proven by checking reviews and comments from all users. More than 95% of them recommend this brand. Just like other top brands, it offers quietness. One of best product from Goodman is DSZC18. It is a heat pump that has incredible performance. It reaches 18 SEER and 9.5 HSPF. Its superiority is on its easy operation. If you want to make a custom set up, this type of heat pump provides friendly touch screen. It is not only an advertisement; this brand really gives lifetime warranty for its products.

Thus, you should not worry, if you get a problem with your heat pump. Another interesting specification of this device is on its component that demands lower energy to work. Even you have set this device will not make your electricity bill increase drastically. You can get best service with fewer budgets.

Carrier Heat Pump

Carrier Heat PumpsThe third top brand heat pump is Carrier Heat Pumps. As a producer that has been included on the international market, Carrier produces some series of heat pump. Each series of course invents different technology. The newest series uses the newest technology in which the heating efficiency is up to 13.00 HSPF and the cooling efficiency is 20.5 SEER. It is a ‘five-stars’ technology.

You should not be doubt about its sound. It uses lower than 58 decibels. That low sound can be gotten through the use of forward swept fan blades, compressor sound blanket, and some other components. This lowest sound technology for heap pump is only available with this brand. The most interesting detail of every heat pump from Carrier is its beautiful design. It uses durable paint and high quality steel to make an elegant look. A thing that makes Carrier similar to other brands is the green technology.

York Heat Pump

York Heat PumpsChoice for high advance heat pump is not ended by the previous brand. There is still another brand that you have to consider, too. It is York Heat Pumps. If you want a premium system of heat pump, this brand is the right choice. It offers Quite Drive system as a way for sound reduction. For that technology, an edition called affinity has been launched.

There are also some products named LX series that will keep best temperature for each season in a year. Premium title is given for its cooling efficiency that can approach 18 SEER while its heating efficiency is 10 HSPF. One last important thing, that will be very beneficial for user is most of products from York do not need special and annual maintenance especially for the fan. It is proper since all of components set on each heat pump are certified. Simplicity is the main focus.

Lennox Heat Pump

Lennox Heat PumpsThe last top 5 heat pump brand is Lennox Heat Pumps. All of series from this company is worth buying. Affordable is not the only reason to install a heat pump from Lennox. There are several specifications that will never make you regret. This brand produces the quietest heat pump in current day. You cannot compare its technology of sound to other especially in any brand from United States.

More than that, there are some signature collection that specially made with efficiency rating up to 23.5 SEER and 10.2 HSPF. If your budget is not enough, you can get a heat pump with lower specification which is Elite series. You should not worry that the lower specification will not keep your conformity because that series is still applying multi stage comfort. 18.5 SEER and 10.2 HSPF are warranty for efficiency. Energy Star is also still being the part of it.