Tips and Tricks to Keep Your HVAC System Running Smoothly

Reliable HVAC Repair Chapel Hill NC

You may need to call in professional HVAC help if your AC system has been experiencing trouble. There are several ways to fix the problem. Chapel Hill HVAC technicians can help you solve the problem if you don’t know how.

HVAC Tips and Advice

Energy-efficient accessories can be an investment that will reduce the HVAC system’s workload. You can reduce indoor temperature by covering windows with solar heat-blocking window covers. These will reduce the HVAC system’s workload. You can also install ceiling or standing fans. Ceiling fans should run clockwise and draw cool air downward.

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

It is essential to learn how to properly clean your air ducts. Your ducts could become infested with bacteria or fungi if the cleaning method is not right. Untrained service providers can also cause damage to your heating and cooling systems. These issues can increase your energy costs and make it necessary to replace or repair.


Reliable HVAC Repair Chapel Hill NC

Professional duct cleaners will use the best tools and equipment to clean your ducts. They will be able diagnose any problems that may occur during the cleaning process. Properly maintained ducts can help to maintain efficiency and prevent the unit from breaking down. These are some things to keep in mind before you hire a professional.

Refer to previous customers when hiring an air duct cleaning service. Referred companies will have a list with previous customers. To get feedback from these customers, you can also reach out to them. Check the Better Business Bureau to verify the company’s credibility. You should also ensure they are licensed and insured.

Proper Sizing of Your HVAC Unit

To maintain comfortable temperatures in your office or home, it is essential to correctly size your HVAC unit. A wrong size can lead to insufficient moisture removal and uneven temperatures throughout the space. This will also result in high energy costs. Here are some ways you can ensure that the size is right.

First, consider your climate zone. The year will be warmer if you’re closer to the equator. You won’t need a huge cooling system if your climate zone is mild. You may need a heat pump to offset heat waves.

Once you know how much space your home has, you can start calculating the correct size HVAC unit. Measure the area in which you want to install your HVAC unit. Then multiply that number by 25. This will give the BTUhs necessary to heat or cool 1 pound of water. An air conditioner unit requires 12,000 BTUs for a single ton cooling capacity.

Changing Your Air Filter Regularly

The HVAC filter is a critical component of your home’s heating and ventilation systems. It should be replaced at the very least once per month. You should do this more often if you live in an apartment.

Air filter changes are important as they keep your air fresh and clean. This will lower the chances of HVAC system breakdowns. The process of changing the filter takes no more than one hour. However, homeowners often don’t realize the recommended frequency of changing their air filters. These are some ways to make sure your filter is changing regularly.

A dirty filter can be harmful to your HVAC system’s health and cause premature breakdowns.

A reminder device can also be used to remind you to change your filter often. You will find a sticky note on the back of these devices reminding you of important tasks. These include cleaning your outside unit, changing your filter and scheduling maintenance.

Maintaining Your Outside AC Unit

To keep your outside HVAC unit running efficiently, here are some tips. First, keep it clean. Keep any of your plants at least two feet away from the unit.

After removing all debris and leaves, vacuum the outside unit. Use gloves to clean the outside unit.

To clean the outside unit, you can also use a garden hose. If the unit is not accessible or is blocked, you shouldn’t use a pressure washer.

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