York Heat Pump Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

The York brand is well known for almost 150 years in the HVAC industry. York was founded in 1874 and became the first company which introduce air washing system in 1914. Air washing system was known as pioneer of today air conditioning system.

York is the world’s first company which installed air conditioning in an office building. Some of the iconic building in the world that used York products are Sydney Opera House, the U.S. Capitol Building, the Empire State Building, and more.

In 2006, Johnson Controls which is well known as the leading manufacturer in the world bought York. Coleman and Luxaire under Johnson Controls is the same product as York heat pump.

York heat pump prices are considered in mid-level, which means it is cheaper than the premium brand but has great quality. Many customers give positive York heat pump reviews because of its efficiency, durability and comfort.

York Heat Pump Features, Pros and Cons

York heat pump is one of the brands which has unique features. In the York Affinity Series, it features York climate set which is helpful for the technician or owner to adjust the settings based on their climate location. The heat pump could be tuned based on the humidity of climates such as humid, dry or normal settings.

Second, in one of the LX Series (LX YHM) offers efficiency rating up to 16 (SEER) or 9 (HSPF) and has variable capacity. Most heat pump brands will offer more than 19 SEER efficiency rating for variable-capacity. Therefore, LX YHM will give the customers all-out comfort inside of their house and climate control but at a lower cost than other brands with a variable-capacity system.

York also offers a technology called Quiet Drive which is available in all models of Affinity Series. Quiet drive technology makes the system operates quieter than other regular models. Other regular brands usually use steel for the base pan heater.

However, units in affinity series use composite which is proven to lessen the noise level of the vibration. York Affinity Series also could be combined with communicating control from the same brand which will be useful for the unit to work more precisely and efficiently.

According to feedback from the contractor, York has an excellent standard of equipment which other new heat pump manufacturer cannot compete with this. Moreover, York heat pump parts are rarely to be replaced in its life span, make it is as one of the best heat pumps available in the market.

York Affinity Series heat pump has been awarded by Energy Star in 2018 as the most efficient products. Furthermore, other models in this brand are certified with Energy Star which means that the units are proven to save energy and power cost for the owner. Owners will be able to see the difference of the electricity bill instantly after using this heat pump.

York brand gives great offers for the warranty which is much better than other brands. For example, most brands will give 5 to 10 years warranty for limited components and compressor. York can give 10 years warranty for compressor and all components. The customers also can get a lifetime warranty for a compressor in Affinity series. You will hardly find other brands which offer lifetime warranty than York.

However, there are a few cons to this brand. First, customers complain about filters that are very difficult to find in the market and they need to do a purchase order which is not convenient. Next, is about Affinity communication systems. These systems are costly and still have some issues. Most companies are reluctant to offer these systems since they don’t want to deal with the issues and warranty.

From the pros and cons above, we could see that the York heat pump is still one of the best brands for the heat pump. It has an American quality standard and has been in this HVAC industry for almost 150 years. Therefore, York heat pump is worth money to invest and it will save your power bill up to half.

York Heat Pump Model’s Recommendation

York heat pump consists of two series, Affinity Series and LX Series. Affinity Series as the premium products of this brand offer variable, two-stage and single-stage compressor. YZF model in Affinity series offer efficiency rating up to 11 HSPF and 20 SEER.

This unit has a variable capacity model for the compressor which will give an excellent performance. Completed with Quiet Drive system, Climate Set and Charge Assurance make this unit becomes the best product from other models.

QuietDrive is a unique system by York which can help the unit runs quieter than any other brand. Climate Set allows the users to be able to adjust the system thus the indoor humidity could be controlled based on the climate. Charge Assurance helps HVAC contractors to be accurate and spend less time on the installation.

Affinity Series YZH

Affinity Series YZH has an efficiency rating up to 18 SEER/ 10 HSPF and two-stage operation compressor. Affinity Series YZF has a single-stage compressor and offers efficiency rating up to 16 SEER/ 9 HSPF. All models in the Affinity series are compatible with Affinity communicating systems.

LX series

Next series from York is LX series. LX YHM has a variable-capacity compressor and offers efficiency rating up to 16 SEER/ 9 HSPF. LX YHM is the best seller unit from York because of these features and affordable price.


Next from this series is LX YHJF which offers a single-stage compressor with an efficiency rating up to 14.5 SEER/ 8.5 HSPF. LX YHE is the economy model with standard efficiency. It has a single-stage compressor with an efficiency rating up to 14 SEER/8.2 HSPF.

To choose the right heat pump model, you could also take a look at the climate zone map. For those who live in Zone 1 & 2, Affinity YZV will be the best option. For those who are in Zone 3 & 4 could take a look at YHM, YHJF, YHE or Affinity YZV. For Zone 5, Affinity YZH will be the most suitable option and for Zone 6 Affinity YZV will be the best choice.

York Heat Pump Prices by Model

To choose the right model of a new heat pump for your house, you will need to consider the temperatures in your area. For example, if you have extreme temperatures, you will need to consider a heat pump which will be more efficient such as Affinity YZV. If you live in an area which has a moderate climate, a two-stage model heat pump will be the best solution for you.

York heat pumps have various prices depend on the series and models. Price for Affinity YZV with 20 SEER/11 HSPF is around USD$ 2,580 for system only. To have this model completed with installation will cost around US$ 6,050.

Estimated Price for Affinity YZH 18 SEER / 10 HSPF is USD$ 2,140 and with completed installation is USD$ 5,220. For Affinity YZF 16 SEER, approximate price is USD$ 1,750 and for a total price of system and installation is USD$ 4,780. For Affinity series, you can install an Affinity communicating system with an additional cost of around USD$ 400.

LX Series as the second-tier products of York brand offers affordable price but with excellent quality. Price for YHM 16 SEER/ 9 HSPF is around USD$ 1,595 for system only. The installation of this product will cost around USD$ 2,930. So, the total price for system and installation will be around USD$ 4,525.

For LX Series YHJF 14.5 SEER / 8.5 HSPF, the price for system only is around USD$ 1,385. Installation of this unit will cost around USD$ 2,770, therefore, the total price of system and installation of LX Series YHJF 14.5 SEER / 8.5 HSPF is around USD$ 4,155.

After you know which model that is suitable for your house as well as your budget, the next step is to select a professional HVAC contractor who can help to install the system. Please note that installation is one of the most important factors on how the heat pump will work in its maximum performance and efficiency.

York Heat Pump Prices by Size

Most heat pumps will have various sizes from 1.5 to 5 ton. If you are thinking to purchase a new heat pump, there are several steps that you will need to do before you could select the right size. First, have an HVAC contractor team to come to your house to do a survey and Manual J calculation. Manual J calculation is needed to determine the right size that your house needs.

There are several factors which are important for Manual J calculation such as total insulation, how many windows, sun orientation, your house direction and even how many occupants that live in a house. All of these factors will help an HVAC contractor to determine the size of a heat pump as well as how the installation will be.

Below is the estimated price for a heat pump according to its size. This price includes York 14 SEER with a 3-ton condenser, thermostat and air handler (1,300 – 1,400 CFM). The price will be different if you select for a more advanced model of York heat pump.

Size System System + Installation
5 ton (2601-3200 sf house size) USD$ 2,865 USD$ 6,595
4 ton (2201-2600 sf house size) USD$ 2,350 USD$ 5,770
3.5 ton (1901-2200 sf house size) USD$ 2,125 USD$ 5,495
3 ton (1601-1900 sf house size) USD$ 1,850 USD$ 5,150
2.5 ton (1301-1600 sf house size) USD$ 1,620 USD$ 4,870
2 ton (1001-1300 sf house size) USD$ 1,430 USD$ 4,550
1.5 ton (600-1000 sf house size) USD$ 1,210 USD$ 4,150

Remember that installation of a heat pump is very important to make sure the unit has its great performance, durability and efficiency. To get the best price, you could ask for three quotations from different contractors to compare the price but never get tempted to hire a cheaper contractor but with less qualification or experiences.