Ruud Heat Pump Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

It is not difficult to have heat pump with high qualities but cheap prices. Receiving lots of compliments from costumers in the last years, Ruud heat pump is one of top choices. In the beginning, the company was built personally by its owners. It has been 50 years since the emerging company was brought by Rheem.

Costumers love one thing about Ruud heat pump prices: it is always several hundred dollars lower than the other brands. After comparing 18 SEER model from Ruud and some other brands, it costs 500 dollars less than the more popular brands.

In term of capacity and longevity, Ruud heat pump reviews show positive feedback. If buyers could install the unit properly, then they don’t have to worry for ten to twelve years. On the other hand, bad installation will cause trouble as soon as the installation is finished, usually within six months to one year.

Ruud Heat Pump Features, Pros And Cons

Previous buyers fall hard for Ruud for its features. There are more advantages than disadvantages of all products. Also, Ruud Company always improves their Ruud heat pump standard. As the result, this brand could compete with the other far pricey units.

Just like several other brands, the entire available reviews point out two great product categories; Achiever and Ultra. As expected, Ultra is the most prestigious unit from Ruud. It has all the best and latest technology.

On the other hand, Achiever offers more friendly prices. They are products of balance between quality and value. Those buyers who wish to keep more money could consider this model first.


Scroll Compressor

Probably one of the reasons why this pump could climb to the top list is the compressor. Unlike the other brands, Ruud installs scroll compressor. It has two scrolls;

one is fixed while another move in a rotation. Both scrolls are connected by swing link. While the second scroll is working, the refrigerant will slowly move to the center of the machine.

Then, there will be less chance for gas to fill the gaps. Buyers should note that gas often cause machine to stop working. They are filling the space and usually create overheating.

Overdrive Function

For buyers who don’t really bother about the prices, then it is recommended to take Ultra series. This model has three stages of heating; low, high and overdrive. If buyers are not familiar with overdrive function, it actually a rapid cycle of refrigerant from indoor to outdoor coils.

Then, machine will capture heat from outside quickly to adjust indoor temperature. Buyers will find this function very helpful on freezing temperature.

Smart System EcoNet

There are lots of convenient from Ruud heat pump Ultra Series. One of them is smart system which connect machine to wireless connection. Therefore, buyers could control the wall controller from an app. Those who are using Amazon Alexa and Nests will be even happier since Ruud has exclusive contract with them.

Dual Fuel System

Most Ruud model already installs Ruud model in their machine. No matter what prices buyers pay, they will have an option to switch energy. Heat pump could gather heat by itself, but under freezing point, machine might need gas furnace energy to be able to function properly.



Next thing any buyers should consider after unit price is the installation costs. Based on the reviews, buyers should find their own contractor. Ruud doesn’t have any training on unit installation. Moreover, bad installation will cause a lot of troubles.

Costumer Service

If there is any problem with Ruud unit, buyers will automatically give a call to customer service. Many costumers complain that staff’s responses are not kind. These staffs are blaming poor contractors instead of machine errors. After checking, usually the staffs win the argument. Still, buyers wish for understanding and kind answers from them.

Ruud Heat Pump Model’s Review and Recommendation

Ultra P20

Best offer buyers could have from Ruud heat pump is here within the unit. It has Energy Star label, which mean buyers could save more money on energy expenses. Then, they will also be pleased with 17 SEER cooling and 9 HSPF heating. Each unit is equipped with this combination, which has quite strong power.

Inside the machine, there is Copeland Scroll Compressor. It ensures best control over house temperature. Buyers will appreciate the prices they have paid. This unit also comes with sound blanket and dehumidification function. Hit these buttons and buyers could also control humidity and noise!

Buyers might have read some of the reviews about the amazing control system. From one simple board, buyers could see report on overall performances. It is able to tell when any part has troubles or need to be fixed. It covers both faulty system and electrical errors.

Achiever UA17

Here is one model that will make any buyers happy. First, it has EcoNet smart system, which will allow buyers to control energy saving and temperature level through phone app. As many have known, this feature is included in higher category only. Therefore, purchasing bottom category with better feature is a big win.

Also, buyers won’t ever regret the money they spend. It applies two stage cooling and heating system. Again, this Achiever model takes higher model feature. The lower capacity works at 67% while the top one is 100%. In addition, two stage system allows 70% less movement in working parts, allowing maximum efficiency.

Several feedbacks in the reviews highlight how this model appears to be more stylish than the other models. Thanks to its modern cabinet aesthetic, it could blend well with the other facny interior. Moreover, it has curved louver panels, which will double up coil protection.

Ruud Heat Pump Prices By Model

Achiever RP17

Great things from the pump that could be seen right from its outer frame. It is made of new composite base pan. What’s good from this feature? There are three advantages: reducing sound, preventing corrosion and eliminating too many fasteners. Its coating uses powder coat which could give professional look.

Achiever RP17 also helps buyers to maximize the prices value. No matter how long a unit could work properly, once a while they will be repaired. Thanks to expanded valve space and triple service access, repair man could work without too many troubles. Expanded valve space gives easier access. Triple service access allows repair man to remove two fasteners only.

According to the reviews, coil is one part with most repairing problems. In Achiever RP17, single row condenser coil is used. Therefore, repair man could clean coil perfectly and replace it without removing the other parts. Interested? System only costs $1935. Add the installation and buyers will pay $5640.

Achiever RP 14-F

Thinking about a cheap Ruud model with maximum efficiency? Say no more. Achiever RP 14-F is the best answer for all buyers’ wishes. It offers 14 SEER machine capacity. Thanks to scroll compressor, up to 70% of machine parts will not move during active operation. It means that buyers will save more energy and the machine could last longer.

To maximize cooling effect, Achiever RP 14-F includes fan orifice. Its motor has longer wires than any other model. Thus, repair man could literally pull out top unit without cutting fan wire first. If calling contractors are too much trouble, then scan QR code on the lid to receive most frequent troubles and how to handle it.

Buyers could have this model by $4950. It already includes the installation. For unit only, buyers will pay $1220.

Ruud Heat Pump Prices By Size

Be careful while choosing. Buyers should also pay attention to the size they are going to buy. Half or one ton difference will mean a lot in a house. It could make the house hotter or even colder. How are these two affecting each other?


First reference buyers look at is probably the reviews. They want to have perfect temperature control and great features. Before that, it is better to list some things before hand.

Size of the House

This is literally the first question that any buyers should note down. It is very important since one unit might need higher tons to be able to heat the whole room.


In addition to house size, buyers will need to include information about hallway or doorways. It is important, as this style takes more effort to cool down or heat up.


Ruud heat pump prices are different for each unit size. Available sizes are 1,5 to 5 tons. Smallest size of all is 1,5 ton. It could cover 600 to 1000 square feet area. Since this is the smallest size, the price is also the cheapest. System only is sold at $1370 and installed one would be $4510.

In the middle, buyers could get 3 ton size. Compared to smallest size, it covers wider area; 1601 to 1900 square feet. Then, this bigger model is offered on higher price as well. Buyers who want to purchase only the system will pay $1940. Ask trusted contractor to install and its price will be $5650.

Some buyers owns very wide area of 2601 to 3200 square feet. In this case, they should take 5 tons unit. It cost $3150 for system only. Including installation, one unit is sold for $6940. Isn’t that a great price?