Rheem Heat Pump Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

Heat Pump is an effective solution for a cooling and heating system for your home. Rheem heat pump has been in this heat pump business since 1970 and it is one of the largest companies in HVAC equipment as well water heating system in the United States.

Rheem heat pump prices are considered affordable if you compare it to other brands such as Carrier or Lennox. Even though the price is cheaper, but it has great quality with 17 – 20 years of durability. The price ranges from USD$ 1,220 up to USD$ 2,230.

There are many good Rheem heat pump reviews, from both customers and contractors. Many customers praised the control panel system that is easy to understand and operate. Another plus point from this brand is the efficiency of energy-saving and tax rebate program. Many contractors mentioned that this brand is one of the least problems of heat pumps, installation is also very easy to do.

Rheem Heat Pump Features, Pros and Cons

This heat pump has several unique features. Prestige Series and Classic Plus Series have EcoNet™ Enabled product. This is a smart home system which allows advanced water and air control. This system is also supported by an application which could be connected with smart devices. It also supports Nest and Alexa devices.

All series have the Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor which is one of the most well-known compressors for its reliability. Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor offers lower humidity, more accurate temperature control and better efficiency. The overdrive feature gives heating down to 7ᵒF.

One of the unique features of this heat pump is the three-stage operation which could be found in the Classic Plus RP 17 unit. The three-stages which are low, high and overdrive of cooling and heating operation offer the maximum energy savings and comfort.

Based on the reviews from both contractors and customers, there are many pros why this heat pump brand is the best choice for your home. With the improved design of tubing, it helps to reduce the vibration which makes it quieter and less stress which could reduce the chance of leaking.

This heat pump also has optimized defrost characteristic which helps to make it less frequency of defrosting. The paint system uses powder coat which makes it long-lasting and the screws are rust resistant which has been confirmed through testing with salt spray for 1500 hours.

Several reviews from the contractor side mention that this brand is suitable for home and even commercial building. With 10 years warranty, this heat pump offer unit replacement when it’s broken before the warranty year is finished. However, Prestige series models could last around 17 to 20 years durability and 15 to 18 years for classic series units.

This heat pump has a compact and modern design, but it still offers an impressive feature. One of reviews mentioned that this brand has the shortest heat pumps available in the market. The shortest and compact design helps for the installation to be easier and it doesn’t need many modifications which means less cost for installation.

Several reviews from the customers also adding the list why you need to purchase this brand. This heat pump runs very quietly which gives the full comfort inside of the house or neighbours. It also offers effective energy savings which could save more expense on the electricity bill. The prices are also worth the quality.

If talking about the cons of this brand, there is not much to complain about it. Since with the various selection of heat pumps from a single stage to three stages and EcoNet™ Enabled product, this heat pump is one of the best selections for your home.

However, before you install a heat pump, you will need to be careful when choosing the contractor to do an installation of this unit. Choose an experienced contractor team which are familiar with this product since one of the most important keys of durability, efficiency and performance of a heat pump is the installation quality.

Rheem Heat Pump Models Analysis

There are three models offered to customers today: Classic Series, Classic Plus Series and Prestige Series.

Classic Series:

The cheapest series from Rheem brand. Classic Series is targeted for the budget-conscious market but still giving good features and quality. Classic Series offers a single-stage and two-stage scroll compressor. For Classic Series: Two-Stage (RP16), it offers efficiency up to 16 SEER. Classic Series: Single Stage offers efficiency from 14.5 SEER up to 16 SEER and 9 HPSF depends on the models.

Classic Plus Series:

This is the mid-level from Rheem brand. This series already supported with inverter compressor which could give three stages (low, high and overdrive) heating and cooling systems. This series offers efficiency up to 8.5 HPSF and 18 SEER. It also has EcoNet™ Enabled product, PlusOne™ Expanded Valve Space and PlusOne™ Triple Service Access.

Prestige Series:

The flagship of Rheem brand, Prestige series has the most completed features. It has a variable speed compressor and offers efficiency up to 11 HPSF and 20 SEER.
As also mentioned in the reviews, the customers praised the compact design which doesn’t take much space and the QR code provided in all types which give information for quicker service calls.

Cost-Effective Rheem Heat Pump by Zone

If you are thinking to buy a new heat pump, not only considering everything mentioned in the reviews and the given prices, but you will need to consider also about the cost-effective heat pump by zone. A climate zone map was used by the USDA to give more understanding of how to grow plants in a specific location in the United States. A Climate Zone is determined from the yearly average minimum winter temperature.

You will need to find a balance between energy and furnace cost to determine efficiency levels. For example, if you are living in a hot zone (Zone 1 or 2), you will need to have a heat pump which offers at least 18-19 SEER. Please find below the suggested model for each zone for your reference.

6 Cold RP 20 (9.5 HPSF/ 18 SEER)
5 Cool RP 14/15/16 (8.5 – 9.5 HPSF / 15 – 17 SEER)
3,4 Moderate RP 17 (8.5 HPSF / 18 SEER)
1,2 Hot RP 20 (9.5 – 10 HSP/18-19 SEER)

If you live in a very cold climate (Zone 7) such as in Alaska, you will need to have a heat pump which offers 9.5 HPSF/18 SEER.

Rheem Heat Pump Prices by Model

In total, there are five types of the pump: Prestige Series, Classic Plus Series and Classic Series which has three kinds of model, Classic Series RP15, Classic Series RP 14 and Classic Series RP 14F. Rheem Heat Pump prices below are based on 3-ton outdoor condenser.

Prestige series is the top model of the Rheem brand has the highest price. However, looking at most completed features and functions, this series is worth the price and affordable compared with other brands. The price for Prestige Series RP20 is around USD$2,230 (system only without installation). The price of the system includes installation will be around USD$ 6,250.

According to many reviews online, Classic Plus Series RP 17 has great ratings due to three stages compressor and price is less than Prestige series. Classic Plus Series RP 17 price is approximate USD$ 1,935 (system only without installation). Total price for system and installation is around USD$ 5,680.

The prices for classic series depends on the model of the heat pump. Price for Classic Series RP 15 system only without installation is around USD$1,870. With installation, the total price is USD$5,550.

For Classic Series RP 14, the price for system only without installation is around USD$1,535 and USD$ 5,325 if it’s installed the system. For Classic Series RP 14-F, the price for system only is around USD$ 1,220 and with installation is around USD$ 4,980.

The above is an estimation of the prices that could be changed based on several factors such as house conditions, directions, and size. Therefore, it is recommended for you to have a comparison from several contractors so you could see the differences. However, please always use reputable and experienced contractors since installation is the most important factors for a heat pump system.

Rheem Heat Pump Prices by Size

Before you purchase a new Rheem heat pump, you will need to check a local HVAC contractor for the size that you will need for the unit. The range sizes of heat pump unit will be from 1.5-ton to 5-ton. To get the right size, an HVAC contractor will need to measure it using “Manual J” calculation.

Location of your house or buildings, how much insulation in your house, directions, window types and other factors will determine the right size of a heat pump that you need. For example, if your home size will be around 600 – 1,000 sf then you will need to have a 1.5-ton heat pump. If you have more than 1,000 up to 1,300 sf house size, you will need to have a 2-ton heat pump size.

Since the installation is one of the most important factors for the efficiency, performance and durability of heat pump, sometimes when you see a few reviews which mentioned that the system is not working properly, it could be because of improper installation or not the right size of a heat pump.

A bigger house will need to have a heavier heat pump size. However, the other factors as mentioned above will also be considered by an HVAC contractor to determine the right size of a Rheem heat pump unit. The heavier heat pump size, the more expensive the prices for system and even the installation.

Heat Pump Size Price for System Only Price for System and Installation 
5 ton USD$ 3,160 USD$ 6,990
4 ton USD$ 2,620 USD$ 6,020
3.5 ton USD$ 2,220 USD$ 5,770
3 ton USD$ 1,950 USD$ 5,450
2.5 ton USD$ 1,770 USD$ 4,990
2 ton USD$ 1,580 USD$ 4,655
1.5 ton USD$ 1,370 USD$ 4,300