Payne Heat Pump Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

Have you heard about Payne heat pump? This brand is quite popular for providing best quality products in affordable price. Payne belongs to United Technologies
Corporation (UTC), one parent company of Bryant and Carrier. While the other brands are focusing on exclusivity and latest technology, Payne pays more attention to value.

How is it possible to balance Payne heat pump prices and great value?

The answer is simple: hundred years of experience. Long before UTC purchase the whole company, its owner had been actively selling gravity-type furnaces. Following their first models, Payne continuously develops more advanced technologies for heating products.

Buyers could refer to Payne heat pump reviews if they are not sure about this brand. Most previous buyers will praise how Payne could offer average to great efficiency but with much lower price than the other competitors. Buyers also love how spare parts are always available. This is definitely part of benefits from parent company.

Payne Heat Pump Features, Pros And Cons

For most people, purchasing Payne unit is like a gambling. Some buyers still think that higher price offers better quality. While this statement is not entirely wrong, buyers should also look at Payne’s market target. Any models from Payne are made to impress middle to low class buyers. These customers appreciate best value they could get with their limited budget.

In terms of balancing value and price, Payne is one of the best options. They are honest with their products. They also rarely reduce parts’ quality if it will lower the overall performances. Just take a look at several Payne’s strong points.


1. Whisper-Quiet Noise

None of Payne products are using the fanciest technology. Buyers will read in many reviews that Payne is still installing single-stage heating and cooling compressor.
However, these models will not be disappointing. Their fan motor is the powerful one but produce least noise, ensuring quiet atmosphere anytime heat pump is working.

2. Best Value For Low Cost Products

There are several other brands that also brag about their low cost product. Still, Payne pave its way to the top with great value. Top model from Payne offers 17 SEER for cooling and 9.5 HSPF for heating. Combination of these two will produce great efficiency and top performance.

3. Non Ozone Refrigerant

One more feature worth mentioning is non ozone refrigerant. Some competitors are still relying heavily on dangerous refrigerant that could harm environment. By buying Payne products, buyers take part in caring environment. Refrigerant in all Payne products has zero ozone depletion. Enjoy cool and warm days without any worry.

4. Good Warranty

Buyers should know that warranty period reflects how great a company believes its product. Many other companies that produce higher specs offer 12 years of warranty.
If buyers get 10 years warranty for affordable heat pump unit, isn’t that great? Some parts, however, might have longer or shorter warranty.

5. Protective Wire

In many cases, buyers often deal with spare parts error, which is caused contamination. To prevent this, Payne installs wire grille panels. Since the wire is covered well, harmful contaminant cannot stick directly to the wire. Therefore, Payne’s wire will last longer and works better.


1. Not The Fanciest Products

Nowadays, buyers want to have as many choices as possible. Payne, on the other hand, provides 17 SEER model as their highest unit. This makes some buyers step back, particularly those who live in warmer regions. If they are looking for higher features, then they could switch to Bryant or Carrier.

2. No Variable Capacity

Ever heard about variable capacity? It balances indoor and outdoor temperature. Until now, no other feature could top variable capacity in terms of efficiency. As expected, Payne has no model with variable capacity cooling and heating. Again, those who are chasing after fancy qualities should go to Bryant or Carrier.

3. Warranty Limitation

Buyers might be happy that they get 10 years warranty. Take a good look at it. This warranty is mostly valid for five years only.

Payne Model’s Review and Recommendation


Get the best offers and features from Payne PH16NA. It has two stages heating and cooling. Most of the time, this machine will work on low stage. Thus, buyers will get maximum efficiency for years. Those who live in regions with extreme climate could rely on the highest setting. It gives constant temperature.

What else could you expect from Payne? It ensures quiet performance, only 71 decibels at the maximum. In addition to heat and cool control, two stage compressors also offer control over humidity. This is an all-in benefit in a small package. Buyers could also admire its durability from corrosion, bad weather and fine debris.

Still want some more surprises? Then don’t miss energy star label on every model. Compared to those brands without energy star label, buyers will spend less on monthly bills. Moreover, refrigerant in Payne models are not harmful to environment. Buyers could pick between 2 to 5 tons capacity.


Bottom line model from Payne is PH14NB. Actually, the company had another model named PH13NB. Unfortunately, the production is stopped in 2016. This single stage heat pump is perfect choice for any buyers who live in average temperature area. Living in colder part in the country? Then try to pair it with gas furnace and thermostat.

PH14NB was released with 14 SEER cooling and 8.2 HSPF heating. Many buyers think that most single staged heat pump is noisy. That won’t be the case for this model.
PH14NB will only make 69 dB sounds, slightly louder than high end refrigerator in the house.

Moreover, Payne protects parts of this model well. Outer frame could withstand rough weather and tiny debris. Then, Payne also covers its product with coating to prevent corrosion and ensure best performance. All cabinets inside Payne allow contractor to have easier access.

Payne Heat Pump Prices by Model

1. PH16NA

If buyers are asking for best Payne model for the moment, any store will put PH16NA on the line. It has two stages heating and cooling, which is not yet present in most Payne models. Then, PH16NA supports 17 SEER cooling, the strongest in Payne league.

One unit costs around $2370. Adding up installation costs will be $5050 per unit. Based on 2,5 ton unit, buyers will spend more or less $507 per year for operational costs.

2. PH16NC

Compared to the higher end model, PH16NC is only one step behind. While top model could brag its 17 SEER, PH16NC should be proud with its 16 SEER. Other than this one difference, the other features and specifications are quite similar. Buyers will see quite big difference for unit only price: $1870. Including installation cost will make a total of $4470.

3. PH15NB

This model belongs to bottom tier of Payne. Even so, buyers could get quite strong heating and cooling performance. With its 15 SEER cooling and 9 HSPF heating, buyers will be able to enjoy warm temperature during winter and cool breeze during summer.

Each unit of PH15NB costs around $1650. An all-in package that includes installation will be $4150. Take an example of 2,5 ton unit. Annually, buyers will spend less than $600 to purchase refrigerant and some other necessities.

4. PH14NB

Buyers with very limited budget should look at PH14NB. One unit with only system doesn’t cost over $1500; it is only $1470. Buyers then could find a contractor by themselves or ask for a package. It will cost around $3890. This is a great offer, since buyers won’t have to worry about poor installation anymore.
However, buyers should note that running cost of this model is quite high. For a 2,5 ton unit, buyers need to pay more than $600 each year.

Payne Heat Pump Prices By Size

Misconception about Heat Pump Size

Have you seen the table of heat pump separated by size? The information board look pretty scary with an option range from 1,5 to 5 tons. Please understand that this size is not literal weight of each unit. Each ton represents the amount of heat in BTU standard removed from the room. Therefore, buyers shouldn’t be too shocked while choosing the size.

Different Prices By Size

Before deciding on which size to buy, make sure buyers have measured their house area. Don’t forget to note how many windows, what type of windows and how many people live inside the house. For information, store usually only provides prices by size based on area width only.

1. 1,5 ton

Smallest option available is 1,5 ton. This heat pump could cover 600 to 1000 square feet area. Buyers need to prepare $1120 to get only system. If they want the installation costs to be included, then the bill will show $3150.

2. 2,5 ton

This is the most common size for typical houses. A 2,5 ton heat pump could manage 1302 to 1600 square feet area’s temperature. The price is obviously higher than 1,5 ton. Buyers should prepare $1370. Add the installation costs? Add $2600 more!

3. 3,5 ton

For comparison, buyers could see bigger size of heat pump. The covered area is 1901 to 2200 square feet. One note: if the buyers have lots of hallway, contractors usually suggest them to take one ton bigger. Prepare enough money to pay unit and installation; $4790. To buy only system, the cost is $1790.

4. 5 ton

Some buyers might require the biggest size available. It will be 5 ton heat pump. This model also has the highest price in the store; $2320 only for system. If buyers want less hassle, then prepare $5550 for unit and installation.