Heil Heat Pump Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

Selecting the best heat pump for your house could be frustrating especially when there are many brands, model and size available in the market. Heil heat pump is a heat pump brand from ICP or also known as International Comfort Products. ICP is one of the largest HVAC manufacturers and belongs to United Technologies. United technologies also produce HVAC systems such as Carrier and Bryant.

When we talk about heat pump brands, it is divided into three categories: Premium, Standard and Budget brands. Heil heat pump prices are categorized in standard brands which have a mid-level price but with great performance and durability. If it’s well maintained, this brand could survive for 15 to 18 years.

Heil heat pump is one of the well-known brands in the HVAC industry. There are many Heil heat pump reviews talking about its efficiency, great performance and long resistant. You can find below complete information of Heal heat pump from reviews, prices and buying guide.

Heil Heat Pump Features, Pros and Cons

Before choosing to buy a new heat pump, there are several factors that you will need to consider such as reliability of the products, the cost with installation if it is matched with your budget, how the customer service handle your technical problem or when you want to claim the warranty and of course the features that the brands have which make it better than other brands.

It has several unique features that are worth to mention. Heil QuietComfort® Deluxe Series as the top model of this brand offers the highest efficiency for not only heating and cooling but also dehumidification. This model has SmartSense™ technology features which offer a variable-speed system in its compressor up to five stages. This feature gives both humidity control and best temperature inside of your house.

One of the highlights of the QuietComfort® Series is how quiet the unit is. These series offer maximum comfort with very less noise as low as 56 – 69 decibels. All models have dual fuel system which means it is compatible with a gas furnace. This system is popular for those who live in cold climates. When the temperature is around 30ᵒ F, the system will use the heat pump for heating and when the temperature is below 30ᵒ F, it will automatically switch the system to use a furnace.

It has Observer thermostat which is very convenient for a modern heat pump. This is remote access which uses Wi-Fi for the owner to control and monitor the heat pump. If you are away you could minimize the energy usage and you could put it back into normal operation before you arrive at your house.

It is very easy, effective and less hassle. However, Observer is not included when you buy the system, you will need to pay an upgrade around USD$ 400 to get this communication system.

Seeing all the reviews from the customers could be your consideration when you want to buy this brand. Many customers praised the durability of the unit. They don’t need to have any parts replacement for three to five years. It is also said that even after ten years, the unit still running in a perfect performance and the only part that has been changed is the blower motor.

These reviews from the customers also mentioned how quiet the system when it is operating. Compared to other brands with more expensive prices, the prices are worth the money when it comes to durability, efficient performance with less noise.

Even though many points mentioned on the reviews are good, however, there are few cons that you need to know.

Unfortunately, this pump only has one stage ad two-stage operation compressor. This brand doesn’t have a variable – capacity system for the compressor which it is well known for the highest efficiencies compared to one or two-stage compressor.

Anyhow, if we talk about the highest efficiencies, based on numerous reviews, QuietComfort® Deluxe Series with its SmartSense™ technology is the best option from this brand.

Heil Heat Pump Model’s Review and Recommendation

Heil heat pump is divided into three series: QuietComfort® Deluxe Series, QuietComfort® Series and Performance Series. According to the reviews, QuietComfort® Deluxe Series HCH6 and HVH8 are the best options if you are looking for the highest efficiencies. These models have two stages compressor, energy star certified and are the best option for those who live in extreme weather.

QuietComfort® is the second tier series from Heil heat pump. There are three models of QuietComfort® Series: QuietComfort® 16 HSH6, QuietComfort® 15 HSH5 and QuietComfort® 14 HSH4. QuietComfort® 16 HSH6 and QuietComfort® 15 HSH5 have a single-stage compressor, energy star certified and offer efficiency rating up to 16 SEER / 9 HSPF.

The noise level is as low as 68 – 69 decibels. QuietComfort® 14 HSH4 is also a single-stage compressor and offer efficiency rating up to 14 SEER / 8.2 HSPF. It is not energy star certified and the noise level is as low as 74 decibels.

If you are looking for a single-stage Heil heat pump, take a look at QuietComfort® 16 HSH6 or QuietComfort® 15 HSH5. The prices for these two models are cheaper than the QuietComfort® Deluxe Series or QuietComfort® Series, but it still provides great efficiency. Based on numerous reviews, these two models are best for those who live in moderate temperature weather.

The Heil Heat Pump Performance Series is the economical series which is targeted to budget-conscious customers. There are five models in this series: Performance 16 NXH6, Performance 15 NXH5, Performance 14 N4H4, Performance 14 N4H4**C and Performance 14 NH4H4.

Performance 16 NXH6 and Performance 15 NXH5 have a single-stage compressor with an efficiency rating up to 15 SEER / 8.5 HSPF. Both of these models are energy certified. Performance 14 N4H4, Performance 14 N4H4**C and Performance 14 NH4H4 offers efficiency rating up to 14 SEER / 8.2 HSPF.

Heil Heat Pump Prices by Model

It is important that we check on the reviews before choosing the right model. However, we will need also to make sure that prices are matched with our budget. Please note that the range of prices are from the lightest to the heaviest size.

Model SEER/HSPF System only System & Installation
Deluxe Series HVH8 19 SEER / 11 HSPF US$ 3,635 – US$ 4,695 US$ 5,635 – US$ 7,745
Deluxe Series HCH6 17.5 SEER / 9.5 HSPF US$ 3,255 – US$ 4,300 US$ 5,255 – US$ 7,400
QuietComfort® 16 HSH6 16 SEER/ 9.0 HSPF US$ 2,635 – US$ 3,525 US$ 4,635 – US$ 6,600
QuietComfort® 15 HSH5 16 SEER/ 9.0 HSPF US$ 2,475 – US$ 3,335 US$ 4,475 – US$ 3,285
QuietComfort® 14 HSH4 14 SEER/ 8.2 HSPF US$ 2,160 – US$ 3,085 US$ 4,100 – US$ 6,115
Performance NXH6 15 SEER/12.5 HSPF US$ 2,200 – US$ 3,115 US$ 4,185 – US$ 6,025
Performance NXH5 15 SEER/12.5 HSPF US$ 1,695 – US$ 2,550 US$ 2,695 – US$ 5,600
Performance N4H4 14 SEER/8.2 HSPF US$ 1,695 – US$ 2,550 US$ 2,695 – US$ 5,600
Performance N4H4**C 14 SEER/8.2 HSPF US$ 1,455 – US$ 2,365 US$ 3,425 – US$ 5,365
Performance NH4H4 14 SEER/8.2 HSPF US$ 1,225 – US$ 2,295 US$ 3,125 – US$ 5,415

If you are wondering why the installation can cost more than the unit, please note that installation consists of several elements such as planning of installation, labour costs, equipment needed during installation. You may also need to have a new thermostat if your old one doesn’t support advanced features in a two-stage compressor.

Deluxe Series HVH8 and HCH6 has the highest price than other models since it is most efficient based on efficiency rating. These two models also support the Observer Communicating System. Please note that this system is not included in the above prices.

Heil Heat Pump Prices by Size

After checking the prices by model, you will need to also check the size that you will need for your house. The size of a heat pump will depend on many factors such as your house size, location, climate, the direction of the house, sun orientation, materials which used to build the house, and other factors.

Before an HVAC contractor decide which size of Heil heat pump that your house will need, he will do a “Manual J Calculation” which is a standard calculation in the HVAC industry. The size of the heat pump is from 1.5 ton to 5 ton. The bigger size of the house, the heavier size that you will need.

The range of prices below are from the simplest model of the lowest category to top model from premium series.

Size System Only System & Installation 
5 ton US$ 2,295 – US$ 4,695 US$ 4,265 – US$ 7,445
4 ton US$ 1,935 – US$ 4,275 US$ 3,775 – US$ 7,150
3.5 ton US$ 1,745 – US$ 3,885 US$ 1,745 – US$ 3,885
3 ton US$ 1,675 – US$ 3,550 US$ 3,375 – US$ 6,500
2.5 ton US$ 1,445 – US$ 3,395 US$ 3,450 – US$ 6,735
2 ton US$ 1,385 – US$ 3,635 US$ 2,385 – US$ 6,655
1.5 ton US$ 1,225 – US$ 3,255 US$ 3,225 – US$ 6,365

To get the best deal, you could compare the prices from different contractors. However, please note that installation is the most important part to ensure your new heat pump performance, efficiency and durability. Some complaints from the customer in Heil heat pump reviews happened due to the wrong installation of the inexperienced contractors. Therefore, make sure that you choose the experienced and reliable HVAC contractor that knows the system.