Coleman Heat Pump Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are looking for HVAC equipment which could have a function as a heater as well air conditioner, then a heat pump is the perfect choice for you. A heat pump functions as a heater during colder months and during summer, it will change as an air conditioner. There are many heat pumps selection in the market, so which one will be best for you?

Take a look at Coleman heat pump, a mid-level price heat pump brands from Johnson Controls. Another brand from Johnson Controls which has a similar lineup is Luxiare. Coleman heat pump prices and Luxiare heat pump are similar. The difference between these two brands are the names of their components.

Coleman heat pump reviews are great because of its unique features and excellent performance at affordable price. You can find everything that you need to know about this brand from features, pros and cons, model’s review and recommendation and of course the prices in this article.

Coleman Heat Pump Features, Pros and Cons

This pump has several unique features which make many costumers give many positive reviews and recommendation. Coleman offers Climate Connect, WhisperDrive and Communicating system.

First, this heat pump has Coleman Climate Connect which offer the finest performance according to your climate location. Your HVAC technician could adjust the setting of the heat pump so it could be suitable with your climate, whether it is dry, normal or humid. Even other brands also have this similar system, but for Coleman heat pump, it is so much easier so even people with less experience could operate it.

Second, Coleman WhisperDrive is the technology from this pump which has the function for quieter during operation. This WhisperDrive is available on the top lines product of Coleman which is Echelon series. These top-line series are also compatible with WiFi communicating control for its thermostat. This means you could control and monitor thermostat using an app from your smart device.

For Echelon series, it has a communicating system where it shares the data of heat pump, thermostat and air handler to know precisely how much balance temperature needed when it’s functioned as a heater or cooler.

Other positive reviews from the customers are its warranty. Coleman Echelon Series offers a lifetime warranty for the compressor which is rare for other brands to offer the same warranty. The premium brands such as American Standard, Carrier and Bryant offers 10-12 years warranty. The fact that this pump prices are lower than these premium brands is one thing. But with its lifetime warranty, it is one of consideration why people are selecting this brand.

Other reviews from customers are about its durability. Many customers have this brand for around ten years and never have any major replacement for the parts. One of the important factors to make the system function well throughout the years are regular maintenance.

Another reviews from the customers also mentioned about the minimal noise that this heat pump produces. Using composite instead of regular metal for its pan base make it is very effective to reduce the noise level. Many customers praised that Coleman heat pump prices are worth to spend for its high efficiency, great performance and durability.

The cabinets of this heat pump are well known for its durability due to the powder-coated materials that they use. Some models also have a variable capacity operating system which will give more efficiency compared to a single-stage or two-stage compressors.

Even though there are many positive reviews, there are also a few cons that you need to know from this brand. As we know, Coleman premium models using a communicating system which is sometimes less reliable if you compare it to the regular systems. Several glitches sometimes happened with communicating technology such as suddenly the data sharing stops working.

Moreover, this communicating system price is not included when you purchase a new heat pump. You will need to spend around USD$ 400 for having it installed. You will also need skill and experienced technician which is familiar with this communicating system.

Coleman Heat Pump Model’s Review and Recommendation

This particular pump consists of two different series. The premium series of this brand called Echelon™. Echelon HC20 heat pump is the top model from this series. It offers efficiency up to 20 SEER / 11 HSPF which is proven giving high efficiency and have a variable-capacity compressor.

Next, Echelon HC8B from this premium series has a two-stage compressor and offer efficiency rating up to 18 SEER / 10 HSPF. The third model from Echelon series is Echelon HC6B which has a single-stage compressor and offers efficiency rating up to 16 SEER / 9.5 HSPF. All three models are Energy Star certified but only Echelon HC20 and Echelon HC8B which are compatible with the communicating system.

Other series from Coleman heat pump is LX series which is the second tier in terms of prices and efficiency rating from this brand. LX CH16 offers an efficiency rating up to 16 SEER / 9 HSPF. LX THJF offers an efficiency rating up to 14.5 SEER / 8.5 HSPF. LX TH4 and LX THJD offer efficiency rating up to 14 SEER / 8.2 HSPF.

All models from the LX series has a single-stage compressor and not compatible with the communicating system. From LX series, it is only LX THJF that has been certified by Energy Star. Based on the entire reviews and recommendation if you are living in mild or moderate climates, you could choose among LX THJF, LX TH4, or LX THJD.

If you are living a hot climate, a heat pump with a higher efficiency rating will be the best option for you. Therefore, it is recommended for you to choose either Echelon HC20 which has efficiency rating up to 20 SEER or Echelon HC8B which has an efficiency rating up to 18 SEER.

If you live in an area which doesn’t have an extreme change of climate and looking for a cheaper cost than Echelon HC20 or Echelon HC8B, you can take a look at Echelon HC6B or LX CH16 which offers efficiency rating up to 16 SEER.

Coleman Heat Pump Prices by Model

Now, when we already know all the pros and cons, unique features, recommendations which models that we should purchase, the next thing that we want to know is the prices. There are two prices are shown below which are system only which means the unit of Coleman heat pump prices only and System with the complete installation.

The installation of a heat pump includes not only labor cost but also other products that are needed such as heat pump thermostat, refrigerant and line set. Please note that the price of installation could vary depends on your area and the level complexity of the installation. If the contractor needs to do more preparation such as digging or breaking a wall to install a heat pump in your house, it could cost you more.

The pump price list below came with the range of the lightest size (1.5 ton) up to heaviest size (5 ton). Prices of Echelon series are more expensive than LX series due to higher efficiency and advanced feature that Echelon series have compared to LX series.

Coleman Heat Pump Models System Unit Only System and Installation 
Echelon HC20 (20 SEER / 11 HSPF) US$ 3,695 – US$ 4,700 US$ 5,695 -US$ 7,800
Echelon HC8B (18 SEER / 10 HSPF) US$ 3,365 – US$ 4,285 US$ 5,365 -US$ 7,485
Echelon HC6B (16 SEER / 9.5 HSPF) US$ 3,125 – US$ 4,200 US$ 5,125 -US$ 7,300
LX CH16 (16 SEER / 9.5 HSPF) US$ 2,675 – US$ 3,435 US$ 4,475 -US$ 6,435
LX THJF (14.5 SEER / 8.5 HSPF) US$ 2,215 – US$ 2,975 US$ 4,015 -US$ 6,075
LX TH4 (14 SEER / 8.2 HSPF) US$ 1,385 – US$ 2,355 US$ 3,185 -US$ 5,555
LX THJD (14 SEER / 8.2 HSPF) US$ 1,335 – US$ 2,285 US$ 3,135 -US$ 5,385

Coleman Heat Pump Prices by Size

After knowing the pluses and minuses, recommendation by climate location, and prices by model, next step that you need to know before you purchase a new Coleman heat pump is the size that you need for your house.

When you contact an HVAC contractor to purchase for a new heat pump, the contractor team will come to your house to do a survey on installation and also do “Manual J” calculation. The right size of a heat pump will affect the durability of the unit as well the highest efficiency that you can have.

Usually, the bigger size of a house means a heavier size of a heat pump. However, other aspects could affect such as climate location, house direction towards sun orientation, how many windows you have, how much insulation and more. Therefore, you will need an experienced technician to do this calculation for you.

To install a higher capacity than what your house need is not a good decision since it is only a waste of money the pump prices for higher efficiency products are more expensive. It also gives less comfort inside of your house. Echelon series have a size from 2 ton until 5 ton and half-ton size is not available. For LX series, it has a size from 1.5 ton to 5 ton.

Coleman heat pump prices by size below are from heaviest size (5 ton) to the lightest size (1.5 ton).

Heat Pump Size House Size System Unit Only System and Installation 
5 ton 2,601 – 3,200 sf US$ 2,560 US$ 6,020
4 ton 2,201 – 2,600 sf US$ 1,955 US$ 5,775
3.5 ton 1,901 – 2,200 sf US$ 1,760 US$ 5,590
3 ton 1,601 – 1,900 sf US$ 1,555 US$ 5,255
2.5 ton 1,301 – 1,600 sf US$ 1,350 US$ 4,920
2 ton 1,001 – 1,300 sf US$ 1,270 US$ 4,450
1.5 ton 600 – 1,000 sf US$ 1,120 US$ 4,120