Bryant Heat Pump Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

Try to read costumer reviews, ask contractors and confirm to any colleagues you know. Without doubt, Bryant heat pump ranks first in term of customer satisfaction. This brand is owned by UTC, which was founded over a hundred years ago. UTC is establishing unique system to keep customer happy and well informed.

Instead of letting anyone selling their products, Bryant runs a system called Factory Approved Dealer (FAD). Only dealers with FAD label could sell products with competitive Bryant heat pump prices. This brand provides great service to both contractors and costumers. For contractors, there is a free tutoring session to install Bryant product properly.

Based on the explanation above, it is clear that Bryant Company takes care of their partners well. For all these top notch service, customers and contractors are giving thumbs up and high stars in their Bryant heat pump reviews. Then what about the product features?

Bryant Heat Pump Features, Pros and Cons

Pros :

Fit for Different Climates

In total, there are 17 models available in the market. Many of them are made for moderate climate, but some models could fit to specific climate condition. One example of special climate is coastal area, where the air contains higher humidity or very dry area where temperature could drop drastically.

Experience the Convenience

Bryant belongs to top ten brands that produce models with high quality and last long. With proper maintenance, Bryant models could last for more than 20 years. Even when customers need to fix anything, their spare parts could be bought anywhere. There is no need to wait for main company to send it.

Add Value to The House

You might need to move from your current house. It could be because of work or other circumstances. In the pamphlet, don’t forget to mention that the house is using Bryant product. Believe it or not, buyers will see the information as plus point. You could also raise the price a little.

Feel the Comfort

Bryant machine works as it is. Few costumers call back and complaints about broken machine. Let’s take an example from buyers who take two stage heating system. When temperature is stable, it uses lower energy. Once temperature drops or rises drastically, it activates the second stage. All of these processes will not raise the noise it makes.

Cons :

Has High Price

Even though Bryant works hard to lower its price, Legacy category is their best offer. The other models are sold for quite high price. However, buyers cannot really say that Bryant sell overpriced products. Their models are pricey because they are built using the best components. Still, people with limited budget will think twice before buying it.

Offer Short Warranty

Longevity of the product could be seen from the warranty. The longer the warranty, the better the product is. Bryant is known for producing models that could last for at least 20 years. But why the warranty only last for 10 years? Other competitors offer up to 12 years warranty.

Attach No Information On Installation Cost

Check table price in any HVAC shop in town. Usually, every shop includes the price for the unit itself and also the price after adding installation cost. Sadly, Bryant doesn’t specify how much it cost to install their models. As the result, buyers should ask different contractors and take the most reasonable one.

What’s The Difference Bryant Vs Carrier ?

Parent company of Bryant, UTC, releases not only one brand to the market. There is one close competitor of Bryant named Carrier. If both are UTC products, is one more superior to another?


Having one parent company doesn’t make Carrier have similar price. In the market, both are known for fancy price. However, Carrier is slightly more expensive than Bryant. Is there any difference in quality? Not really. Their market is different, but their quality is exactly similar.


Bryant is targeting middle class customers. They want quality but in affordable price. Carrier is delivered to those who seek top notch features but don’t mid the line of zeroes on the bill.


Bryant is popular for its quiet feature. It amazes buyers how maximum efficiency could work without producing disturbing noises. Since Carrier comes from one company, it also has quiet models. These models are even quieter than Bryant. Interested? Then buyers should ask for Infinity Carrier.

Bryant Heat Pump Model’s Recommendation

Evolution 280A

This is by far one model with latest and highest technology. Remember when the other models offer one or two stage cooling system? Evolution 280A could work with variable stages. It means that buyers will enjoy maximum comfort with 1% increment only. This model offers 20.5 SEER cooling and 13 HSPF heating. Both have energy star label.

There is a controller that could perfectly balance air filtration, humidity and temperature. Do you think it will be noisy? Evolution 280A has sound reducing design and also the quietest type in its line. Replacing old model with this product will save more than 50% energy.

Preferred 226A

Many buyers are looking for best model from Bryant’s middle class. If that’s the case, Preferred 226A is the best bet. First, it has energy star label and dual fuel capability. Dual fuel means the product could produce heat by its own or switch to gas energy. Buyers could see and control overall performance through onboard diagnostic monitor system.

If there is any damage or error, buyers will be alerted through the monitor. Moreover, Preferred 226A is built based on Aero-Quiet design. It includes a lot of features that will tone down noises to 70 dB only.

Legacy 215B

Hunting for low price model with packed features? Pick Legacy 215B! Many of these buyers fall for its 16 SEER cooling and 9.5 HSPF heating. These two are great for buyers who live in moderate climate area. This product also introduces puron refrigerant which keeps up efficiency and environmentally safe.

Several features are added to maintain silent operation mode: durable scroll compressor, compressor insulation, vibration controller and even sound reduction. No wonder, its loudest noise only reach 70 dB. Buyers might also fall for its look. Using enamel coated finish; the cabinet is going to last long before it calls for replacement.

Bryant Heat Pump Prices By Model

Evolution 289B


Buyers come to this brand when they want top quality with slightly lower price. This model has 18 SEER for cooling and 9.5 HSPF for heating. Just like any other Bryant model, it has energy star label. Instead of Aero-Quiet, Evolution 289B has upgraded tech; Aero-Quiet II. This system reduces noises further; only 66 dB at maximum.

Even though this model is not the most superior, it already includes touch screen thermostat. Buyers will also get pressure switches that could prolong compressor’s life.


Those who are planning to buy system only will have to pay $3865. Adding the installation cost requires more budget, around $9150.

Preferred 225B


Bringing this model home will give buyers cool air in the summer and warm room during winter. Plus, they won’t spend too much money to buy and install the heat pump model. Buyers get 15.3 SEER cooling and 9 HSPF heating.

Preferred 225B uses safe refrigerant called Puron, which will reduce carbon footprint immensely. Moreover, Puron makes compressor works better and lasts longer. Although this model is only single stage, buyers will only hear 68 dB noises.


In most stores, system only Preferred 225B will cost $2350. If buyers add installation costs, prepare for another $3800. In total, buyers will pay $6150.

Legacy 214D


Even though Legacy is the bottom line of Bryant models, it could still deliver strong features. Take a look at its 14 SEER and 9.2 HSPF combinations. Then add hybrid heat system, which allow machine switch freely between gas and manual heating.

Buyers could also enjoy quiet atmosphere with only 69 dB. They could also control system using WiFi connection. Home owners could freely turn on and off the whole system while away from home.


Its price is slightly higher than the most affordable model; $1825. Ask for installation cost to be included. Buyers’ bill will show $5350.

Bryant Heat Pump Prices By Size

When listing several good aspects from Bryant;s model, you have to take a look at the size as well. Big size is not always better. All goes back to your house size. Don’t forget that different size comes with different price.

1,5 Ton

This is the smallest size heat pump available. It fits perfectly for an area of 600 to 1000 square feet. Buying “system only” unit will cost around $1850. Asking contractor to install it in buyers’ home will be $6560.

2 Ton

Many apartments and small houses cover 1001 to 1300 square feet area. If buyers’ living space fits this description, then take 2 ton heat pump. Make sure to prepare $7250 for all in service (unit and installation). Unit only costs $2080.

2.5 Ton

Normal house of four or five covers 1301 to 1600 square feet. It is a perfect choice if 2 ton is too small and 3 ton is too big. Pay $7955 for unit and installation. If you want to install it by yourself, then pay $2350 for one unit.

3 Ton

It is also known as middle size heat pump which could cover 1601 to 1900 square feet area. This size cost $2350 for unit only and $7955 with installation fee.

4 Ton

Try to measure the house or building first. Taking 4 ton heat pump means controlling temperature of 2201 to 2600 square feet area. It is not cheap to buy one unit and pay installation cost; you have to pay $8675. Do you want to buy unit only? Then prepare $3050 in your account.

5 Ton

As you expected, 5 ton is the biggest and strongest heat pump size. It covers very big area, probably an entire hall of 2601 to 3200 square feet. Don’t be surprised that the price is $3505 per unit. After installation, buyers are going to pay $9090.