Trane Heat Pump Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

It seems that having heating and cooling product in a house is a primary need. It is because currently weather cannot be predicted. The whole countries in the world experince extreme weather with extreme temperature. To guarantee a comfortable home or building, new inovation has been made. The innovation is combining heater and cooler in one device only. Till now, technology to improve the work of this device, heat pump, is well developed by various companies. One of heat pump brands that always creates incredible inovation and unpredictable technology is Trane. Advantages and types of best Trane heat pump will satisfy you.

Advantages of Trane Heat Pump

The choice for using particular product, including heat pump, is usually determined by superiorities and advantages. That’s why Trane heat pump is trying to grab people attention by offering many advantages for its users. First, any type of heat pump produced by Trane is set with a technology to avoid temperature fluctuation. Even if outside temperature is extremely changing, temperature inside of your house can be stable. Higher specification of heat pump will affect the stability.

In addition, all of Trane’s products use a technology in which user can adjust the heat pump in certain temperature based on need. It means that when you want to have warmer or colder temperature from outside or same as outside, you can easily adjust the heat pump. Automatic system that is used to maintain energy is also another advantage if you use Trane’s product. Calm and quiet are benefits, too. When you are at home, you can have a good time by relaxing your body in best temperature without hearing noise from air compressor. Different from common high advanced technologies, heat pump from Trane will not force you to pay more for electricity bill. It will help you to save your monthly outcome.

Trane Heat Pump Prices List

A heat pump is a tool that works in such a way that it mobilizes thermal energy from one spot to another. Under this definition, a heat pump is a term that can be applied to devices including air conditioners, freezers, heaters, and ventilators. Trane is one brand specializes in this tool, offered in a wide range of prices based on two major factors: models and sizes.

Trane Heat Pump Prices by Model

Trane heat pumps are available in a variety of models. Each model of Trane heat pump comes with a set of additional tools that include a programmable heat pump thermostat, an air handler (ranging from 1300 to 1400 cfm), and a 3-ton outdoor condenser.

The price of a Trane heat pump based on its model is different from one another with the status of being installed or system-only as their parameters.

The price of Trane XV20i is given at $12,500 with its system installed and $4,740 if you purchase just the system alone.

Trane XV19 costs around $11,950 if you choose to have it installed and $4,270 for its system alone.

With installed system, a Trane XV18 may cost you $11,000 but if you opt for the system-only, it would come at a price of $3,845.

You will have to pay around $10,870 if you wish to purchase the Trane XL19i with installed system and $3,650 for the system-only variety.

And what would you have to pay for a system-only Trane XL18i? That would be $3,290. But you will have to dig into your wallet for another $9,770 if you wish for it to come with installed system.

On the other hand, the Trane XR17 comes with a price of $3,290 for a system-only option while installed system will cost you $9,350.

The Trane XR16 Low Profile model costs $3,050 for the system-only variety and $9,020 for the one with system installed.

Trane XL16i and XR16 share the same price tag: $2,060 for system-only and $8,990 for system installed.

The Trane XB16 costs at a price of $2,890 for system-only and $8,690 with system installed.

A system-only Trane XR15 would be $2,850 whereas the system-installed version costs you $8,470.

The price tag of a Trane XL15i is spotted at $2,760 for the system-only and $8,390 with the system.

Trane XR14 is marked at $2,450 and $7,205 for system only and installed system, respectively. Trane XR13 and XB13 models have the same tag: $2,185 and $6,950, each for system-only and with system.

Trane Heat Pump Prices by Size

Trane heat pump prices can be divided based on its size. For every unit of Trane heat pump, you will get: a programmable heat pump thermostat, a Trane air handler (ranging from 1300 to 1400 cfm), and a 3-ton Trane XR15 outdoor condenser.

There are factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the size of a heat pump. You should select a heat pump that can go along very well with the size of your house.
A heat pump with the size of 1.5 ton is suitable for homes with a size ranging from 600 to 1000 sf, priced at $2,240 for system-only option and $6,800 with installed system.

A system-only 2-ton heat pump is perfect for home size ranging between 1001 and 1300 sf and costs $2,450 (you would have to pay $7,450 for the one that comes with installed system.

A house ranging within 1301-1600 sf can be fitted with a heat pump with a size of 2.5 ton, costing $2,650 for system only and $7,970 with installed system.

What will it take for a house within a range of 1601-1900 sf in size? A house under this category can be supplied with a 3-ton heat pump with a price of $2,850 (system only) and $8,350 (system installed).

A 3.5-ton heat should be enough for a house in a size ranging from 1901 to 2200 sf. It would cost $3,160 for a system-only variety and $8,590 for the one with system installed.

For a house at a size ranging from 2201 to 2600 sf, a 4-ton pump would suffice. You can get one with installed system at a price of $8,970 and $3,550 for the system-only option.

A heat pump the size of 5 ton is okay for homes of 2601-3200 sf size range at a price of $10,390 or $4,060 (system installed and system only, respectively).

Trane Heat Pump Installation Costs and Extras

The costs of installing a Trane heat pump vary based on several factors. As a good rule of thumb, installation may range from $1,500 to $15,000. It could be higher if the pump you choose is something that is considerably expensive to boot. The bill is greatly affected by the region at which your home resides and the climate within the zone.

This has everything to do with how efficient and effective it would be for your house to use up the energy. The construction of your house will also matter; the larger the size of the house, the costlier it would be.

Insulation, sealed rooms, and crawl space will also factor into the calculation. The preexisting ductwork within your home will determine the installation costs as well. If the ductwork found in your house is not well-installed, you may need to get it fixed first as it directly links to efficient energy use and improvement of comfort level.

The costs of heat pump installation are also affected by the level of work difficulty. For example, if your home is old, it may require retrofitting, which means the heat pump installation will take more time to complete. The same applies when your house has spaces that are hard to reach.

Another factor that affects the costs of installation is whether or not you choose to include more options or features to go with the pump you purchase. Features in question may bring you some added values that could also reflect on the energy bill you receive every month, so they could be a great investment to consider.

Top 3 Trane Heat Pumps Reviews

Trane XL15i Heat Pump

Trane XL15i Heat PumpTrane XL15i is one of three best Trane heat pumps that promise qualified performance. This type becomes most wanted type among other types of Trane because it is single stage heat pump. It means that this hat pump concern on the final result of cooling or heating by spending less energy. Its design is also simple to ensure easy and quick use. It will not need large space and suitable for small room.

In addition, the good performance of this heat pump is supported by Trane TruComfort system. This system will make outdoor fan and indoor fan work effectively to adapt with changes of temperature. In addition, both of the components are set to have constant speed so heat pump can stand in abnormal condition. To save your outcome, you should not apply XL15i in all rooms. You can use this in your bedroom, family room, or you can choose your favorit room.

Trane XV20i Heat Pump

Trane XV20i Heat PumpAnother type of Trane heat pump that consists of qualified components is Trane XV20i. It has high spesification that will amaze you. Starting from its cooling efeciency that which is 20.00 SEER, you will be convinced to choose this heat pump. For its Hating effeciency reaches 10.00 HSPF. A complete package of best heat pump is on this is proven by the role of integrated fan sytem arranged on this heat pump. Compressor sound insulator will help you to have sweet home that is completed by a heat pump.

Climatuff variable speed compressor, Powder paint fnish, simplified two wire connection are some parts to optimize the work of this product. all of them show you the great spesification that worth buying. The last thing regarding to XV20i is about the model. You have to choose one of several models that are available and offered by Trane under the title XV20i.

Trane XL16i Heat Pump

Trane XL16i Heat PumpThe last Trane’s best product is named Trane XL16i. The specification for this type is more or less the same as the previous type. It applies Trane TruComfort and ConformLink II communicating capability. With the great specification, you should trust this type. It is a durable type with durable components. The most interesting thing from this type is its design that will match to every concept of house or room. It emphasizes not only function but also look. To optimize its function, you can add important accessory which is Trane clean effects. It will produce healthier air because it can eliminate any irritants.