Best Heat Pump Brands Reviews and Buying Guide

Winter is still far away, but you might want to check the list of top heat pump brands. This piece of information will come in handy when you finally buy the tools. Before buying one, you might wonder what a heat pump is and how it could help at home.

In short, heat pump is the reverse version of an air conditioner. While air conditioner extracts heat, a heat pump forces heat into the house during winter. Instead of generating heat by itself, the machine will collects heats from the surrounding. Thus, the energy consumption is far less than a standard furnace.

Best Heat Pump Brands Have in Common

Without any prior knowledge of the recommended brands, it will be difficult for you to determine which one will last. At least, you need know to know what quality you are looking from a great heat pump. Once you tick all the boxes, then choosing will be much easier. Here are some lists for the boxes.

Quality Parts

A great heat pump must be made from top parts. Those brands that lower the quality to meet market demand will only win popularity award. Few years later, costumers would return with tons of complaints.

In general, this pump consist of universal parts and also proprietary parts. Only some brands mass produce their compressors. Some of these companies are York, Lennox, and Trane & American Standard.

Good Warranties

This is probably the easiest way to find a recommended brand. The longer the warranty, the better the product is. Why? It means the companies believe that their products will last as promised.

Then, for how many years the manufacturers provide warranty? Commonly, it will be ten years for general parts. Several brands have advanced options in which the warranty covers replacement for entire unit.

Good Value for the Price

Be careful when weighing the value of your heat pump selection. Higher price is not always equal to higher qualities. Cheaper model might have better value than the overpriced model.

How to tell the difference? You could compare the features and the prices. Better features deserve higher prices. Many great brands and manufacturers have affordable price tag, but with top features and fair price.

Quality Installation

If you scroll through several heat pumps buying guide, choosing installation contractor is considered the most important after weighing features. Just like the products, installation also comes in a price.

You need to read lots of reviews and costumers’ feedback. Bad installation will cut years of its longevity. On the other hand, good quality contractor will maximize both its function and longevity.

Top Rated Heat Pump Brands

There are tons of heat pump models. It will difficult to choose one among those options. Why don’t start from the best brands? Some names are more popular than others.

Goodman comes on the top of the list. It offers both great value and fair price. Goodman factory releases two brands to the market: high end Amana and medium quality Goodman. In addition, buyers love their excellent customer service.

Next in the list is American Standard. This is one of the brands that dominate not only heat pump market, but also toilets, faucets, etc. While Goodman boasts its affordability, American Standard comes in higher price range.

If you have extra money to spend, then consider these brands as well; Bryant and Carrier. Bryant’s products are reliable and the company also handles complaints seriously. Again, it is quite pricey. They make cheaper option called Day & Night, but only available in limited store.

All modern brands will never replace Carrier as the pioneer of Air Conditioner. Even now, they often lead the market for updated and latest technology application. In return, buyers need to pay more.

Another brand you should consider is Maytag. Its company loves to present sturdy built. This brand suits well to coastal area or any region with high humidity.

Best Heat Pump Brand Reviews

No matter how high the praise given to the products, costumers’ voice is the utmost consideration. Believe it or not, their feedbacks and comments matter for general market. Which one has been approved by millions costumers?

Tempstar Heat Pumps

There is a good reason why people choose this heat pump brands. It takes parts from best compressor factory and the other parts from general distributor. When you need to repair it, just find the parts anywhere.

Its heating stages are divided to five unique steps, and its capacity ranges from 25% to 100%. Lower heating capacity means better efficiency and less sound. Take a look at its Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). Tempstar uses 11 HSPF, which could only be beaten by either Carrier or Bryant with 13 HSPF.

Check also its’ Seasonal Efficiency Energy Ratio (SEER). Tempstar reach an okay score; 19. This brand already enables WiFi Observer Thermostat. You can turn of or on the heat pump while you are away from home.

However, some buyers walk by this brand. They notice how the factory emits modulating heat pumps. It is important to have one. Without modulating system, compressor might overwork itself while heating up or cooling down an area. One more cons for Tempstar: it has not included geofencing features yet. So, the system cannot detect when you have arrived at home.

Goodman Heat Pumps

Love for Goodman will last for years or as long as it works perfectly. Buyers should notice the “lifetime warranty” for the compressors. For those who don’t know yet, Goodman produces their own compressors and quickly becomes one of the top lists.

If the compressor breaks, it causes general trouble for the heat pump. Luckily, Goodman applies revolutionary suction accumulator. After years of experience, it is concluded that refrigerant along suction lines will disturb machine. Since these refrigerants are trapped inside the accumulator, there will be less trouble in the coming years.

Buyers also love Goodman for its quiet noise; thanks to the gas muffler and compressor sound blanket. In addition, Goodman keep using copper tube coils instead of aluminum foil. Latest innovation cut production cost, but triple buyers; reparation costs.

Remember that buyers need to weigh the value of the heat pump instead of focusing on features or price. Goodman rank is high on affordability, but scores quite low on efficiency. One model with top efficientcy only has 18 SEER. This is the lowest if compared to the other brands that could provide up to 26 SEER.

Daikin Heat Pumps

Another name in top brands list is Daikin. It takes little time to this fellow to dominate the market. In 2012, Daikin takes over Goodman, which actively produces both Goodman and Amana. The result is ultra positive: a strong combination on compressor, style and innovation.

Looking at the top shelf of Daikin products, buyers will read “scroll compressor” feature. It helps maintaining heat and cold air inside the room. One of Daikin model wins Energy Star 2019 Most Efficient. How? By installing 21 SEER machine combined with 10 HSPF heating. There is higher combination for even further efficiency, but no brand takes this risk yet.

One more service that makes buyers loves Daikin: longest warranty for unit replacement. Daikin will be ready for 12 years warranty. The other brand is not brave enough to provide similar guarantee. Only their best and top tier models do.

There is one thumb down on this brand. Daikin offers communicating technology called ComfortNet. In short, the information on heat pump, air handler and thermostat are shared together. This feature is not included, so buyers need to pay another 800 to 1000 dollars. When ComfortNet stops working, replacing it with standard thermostat will decrease overall efficiency.

Maytag Heat Pumps

Value of brand is important, but buyers shouldn’t lose its privilege to choose models. While the other brands focus on limited range of products. Maytag provides literally the lower to higher range of products. Buyers could find 13 to 22 SEER and 7.7 to 10 HSPF model.

Maytag is one step ahead the other brand in terms of intelligent machine. It gives buyers access to control heat pump system. First, buyers could input their own preference for heating system. This program could be changed again later. Second, buyers could get automatic notification if any parts are damaged or broken. Thus, they could repair these damages immediately.

In addition to all those pros, Maytag doesn’t forget to include capacity modulation. It works to help heat pump machine runs more efficiently. In Maytag products, this modulation runs in each climate and could reach between 40 to 110 percent efficiency.

No matter how efficient this heat pump works, buyers might not be able to enjoy it. Maytag is famous for its complex installation. In short, not all contractors could install it perfectly. Make sure to choose contractor carefully.

York Heat Pumps

Several brands releases different models but in similar range of price with little to no difference in features. York, on the other hand, divides its series to fit costumers’ need. There are three different groups: Climate Set, LX YHM Heat Pump and Affinity Series. Each comes with different price tag.

Climate Set pampers those buyers who have to deal with different climates within a year. In short, buyers could set the parameter to suit different climate. Buyers just need to tune them, or asking a technician to do it.

LX YHM Heat Pump aims those who want mid level of efficiency and affordable price. Most of the model in this group has 16 SEER and 9 HSPF. The result of this combination is maximum climate control and room comfort.

Affinity Series is specifically made for quiet machine work. There is a technology called QuietDrive installed to all models. Buyers will hear less vibration noise when the heat pump is turned on.

Buyers must note the weakness of this heat pump brand. It is about the communicating system. This feature is additional, but many buyers are taking it. There is no way to detect any damage. Moreover, technician cannot fix any error in communication system.

American Standard & Trane Heat Pumps

If buyers are looking for leading brands in innovation, then pick American Standard. It has great range of home products. Using this experience, it maintains over average quality compared to the other competitors.

For its compressor’s parameter, American Standard proposes a technology called AccuComfort. This feature boosts American Standard quality in the market. Normally, heat pump only has one or two stages of heat operation. Two models from American Standard, Platinum 18 and 20 works on 750 heating stages.

In addition, this brand also has a top notch compressor called Duration. Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians are sharing great words about its durability and maximum performance. In sum, this heat pump has pretty satisfying specs, and customers love it.

Great heat pump lasts for years, but in between those periods, buyers should be ready to do some reparation. The main component of a heat pump is compressor. While Duration is so good at its job, American Standard took it from another company. In the other words, buyers need to wait longer for product restocking.

Carrier & Bryant Heat Pumps

There are no brands that could exceed Carrier & Bryant in terms of costumers’ satisfaction. It is all thanks to the Factory Approved Dealer (FAD) program. Within this system, buyers could be sure that any products they receive are best and approved by factory. In order to keep its quality, Carrier & Bryant factory provides free training to all of its appointed dealers.

Compared to the other brands, Carrier & Bryant is definitely on higher level. It has 13 HSPF, which is currently the highest in term of heating efficiency. Those who live in freezing region will take this model for sure. In addition, the noise is not too loud. Latest experiment shows that this heat pump only produces 58db. It is equal to refrigerator vibration sound.

Do you want to buy this heat pump? You are suggested to do little research first. Bryant & Carrier is not available everywhere. You have to go to appointed dealers only. Otherwise, you will go back and forth.

Armstrong Air Heat Pumps

Next top brand you should know are Armstrong. Compressor from this brand works on 40% to 100% efficiency. It means heat pump will work hard when needed and work slowly when the temperature is stable. Armstrong heat pump will run on low range and produce less sound in process.

Any Armstrong model has MHT Technology. This system allows heat dissipation to all coils when one part is overheated. It often happens when heat pump is in air conditioning mode. Thanks to this system, coil will last longer and be cool faster.

To support MHT, Armstrong also installs Comfort Sync. This is a communication system which allows each component to share information. Thus, stable humidity and temperature could be reached.

Be careful with this heat pump. As mentioned previously, it offers two stages heating stage. It really does and offers nothing more. Even the highest SEER for all Armstrong model is only 15. The other brands only have 16 SEER on its lowest specs model.