Carrier Heat Pump Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

Living in a very cool area during winter and high temperature during summer demands every owner of home to have heater and cooler. Various ways can be taken to get your home warmer or cooler. Yet, you have to choose the most effective one. Effectiveness is not limited to size, money or energy. It is also about the result of a particular thing or way in giving best temperature as you wish. Best Carrier heat pump can be a good solution. It will go beyond your expectation. Infinity series heat pump will bring advantages for its users based on its specification.

Advantages of Carrier Heat Pump

Just like its name, Infinity series of heat pump by Carrier also has infinitive advantages. All of the advantages will make you insist to bring one of types as part of your home. You will never leave the heat pump at store. First advantage, Carrier heat pump will help you to create a good atmosphere in a house. More importantly, you indirectly support the sustainable program for environmental problem. It sounds great, right?

Dehumidification during summer will be an easy case as long as you have heat bump. It is because the compressor will deal with that matter automatically. You do not need to prepare various components just to overcome a problem, especially during the beginning of a new weather. You will also get a heat pump with affordable price. However all of models for Infinity series is two -stage compressor.

Carrier also claims that the biggest advantage from selecting one of products from Infinity series will be on the high advance technology on communicating technology. Compare to other heat pumps by other brands that have been launched in almost same time, Carrier is on the top quality. One last advantage is the Weather Shield protection to avoid corrosion on the heat pump.

Price List of Carrier Heat Pump

Are you looking to but a heat pump for your house? Being a leader in an HVAC industry for more than 100 years, Carrier has various models and sizes which will be suitable for your needs. A heat pump is very effective since it functions as cooling, heating and humidity control.

Carrier Heat Pump Prices by Model

There are three models of Carrier Heat Pump: Infinity® Series, Performance™ Series and Comfort™ Series. Please kindly find below the specifications and prices.

1. Infinity® Series is the most advanced operation that Carrier has made for any type of heat pump. It consists of seven models with various range of SEER and HSPF. With two-stage compressors, Infinity® Series offers comfort and efficiency. One of the models of this series (Infinity® 20 heat pump / 25VNA0) has Greenspeed® intelligence feature which is an adaptable-speed technology that could adjust automatically for the needs of the house.

Price for Infinity® Series depends on the sizes, for example, the Infinity Greenspeed® 25VNA0 price is USD$ 4,940 and for the lowest price will be Infinity® 15 25HNB5/25HNH5 which is USD$2,860

2. Performance™ Series is targeting the mid-level market since the price is cheaper than Infinity® Series but it still offers the efficiency, flexibility and great performance. This series has four types classified by the size and specification. the price range of this series is starting from USD$ 2,650 until USD$ 2,950.

3. The last series of Carrier heat pump is Comfort™ Series. This is the most economical heat pump if you compare two the other series. Two models available for this series are Comfort™15 Heat Pump and Comfort™14 Heat Pump. Price for this series start from USD$ 2,185 – USD$ 2,485

Price List Carrier Heat Pump by the Model

1. Infinity® 20 Heat Pump with Greenspeed® Intelligence (25VNA0) USD$4,940
2. Infinity® 18vs Heat Pump (25VNA8 USD$3,550
3. Infinity® 16 Heat Pump (25HNB6) USD$3,190
4. Infinity® 15 Heat Pump (25HNB5) USD$2,860
5. Performance™ 16 Heat Pump (25HCB6) USD$2,950
6. Performance™ 16 Heat Pump (25HPB6) USD$2,950
7. Performance™ 15 Heat Pump (25HCC5) USD$2,860
8. Performance™ 14 Heat Pump (25HHA4) USD$2,650
9. Comfort™ 15 Heat Pump (25HBC5) USD$2,485
10. Comfort™ 14 Heat Pump (25HCE4) USD$2,185

Please note that the prices above are for the system only without the installation

Carrier Heat Pump Prices by Size

When you decide to buy a heat pump for your house, with many various models of heat pump, it will be easy for you to get confused about which one to choose. Commonly, a local HVAC contractor will conduct a survey first to know about your location, the direction of your house, how many windows in your house and other factors.
The calculation to determine the size of the heat pump is called “Manual J” and it can only be done by a professional HVAC contractor.

For example, if you house size around 600 – 1000 sf, a heat pump with the size 1.5-ton will be enough. If your house size is around more than 1300 up to 1600sf then you will need heavier size which will be around 2.5-ton heat pump. If your house size is around 2201-2600 sf then you will need to buy a heat pump with a size of 4 ton. Last, if your house size is more than 2600sf then you will need to have a 5-ton heat pump.

There are various sizes of Carrier heat pump from 1.5 to 5 ton and as bigger as your house size means you will need to have a heavier heat pump size. However, it is not simple math because there are also other factors which are mentioned above. Therefore, it is important to consult with an HVAC contractor before you do any purchase so you could get the right heat pump for your house.

Price List Carrier Heat Pump by Size

1. 5-ton (2601-3200 sf house size) USD$3,800
2. 4-ton (2201-2600 sf house size) USD$3,350
3. 3.5-ton (1901-2200 sf house size) USD$3,060
4. 3-ton (1601-1900 sf house size) USD$2,650
5. 2.5-ton (1301-1600 sf house size) USD$2,450
6. 2-ton (1001-1300 sf house size) USD$2,280
7. 1.5-ton (600-1000 sf house size) USD$2,150

The price list above is a system only without installation price.

Carrier Heat Pump Installation Costs and Extras

The costs of installing a heat pump could be more expensive than the system unit of the heat pump itself. However, you will need to know that there are several considerations on why the price is more expensive than the system the cost of the system unit.

First, to install a heat pump, the workers need to do the underground installation. Therefore, the cost will include for planning, preparation of the installation area such as drilling and to clean up the area after the installation is done.

Second, there will be additional supplies and materials which will be required to install a heat pump including hardware, fittings and pipes.

Third, in some cases of installation sometimes there is additional specific equipment needed such as brazing kits or pipe cutters. Last, when the installation is more complicated, it will need more time to do which means more labour payment.

The installation price will depend on the model and size of your heat pump. The range of installation cost is around 7,560 up to 4,365. For example, if you have the latest type of Carrier heat pump Infinity® 20 with Greenspeed® Intelligence (25VNA0) the total price of system and installation will be around USD$12,500. But if you have the Comfort™ 14 Heat Pump (25HCE4) model, the total price including installation is around USD$6,550

It is recommended for you to find several estimation costs from different contractor companies so you could be able to compare it. However, since the installation is the most important factor for this project, you need to select the qualified contractor company with good reviews.

Top 3 Carrier Heat Pumps Reviews

Carrier infinity 16

Carrier infinity 16 Heat PumpThe last Carrier heat pump that becomes most wanted because of its look and technology is Carrier Infinity 16. Just like other heat pump, it has main superiority that cannot be gotten from other heat pump. It is a technology that will make this heat pump stands in salt air. That is why this type is recommended for those who live in seacoast area. By having this heat pump, you needn’t worry when harsh salt air will destroy your component(s) of heat pump especially that is put outside of your home. In addition, it also uses powder coat paint that has best quality.

Carrier infinity 20

Carrier infinity 20 heat pumpAmong all of products of Carrier Heat Pumps, there are some types that become a star because of its technology and users’ good comment. The first star’s name is Carrier Infinity 20 heat pump. It is a heat pump that introduces green speed technology; a technology that uses infinitive control and adaptable speed variable. That technology will allow you to adjust best temperature in your home because it will only spread cooling or heating based on the necessity of a room. However, it can produce up to 20.5 SEER and 13 HSPF. Its capacities are about 2 to 5 ton.

To support the best performance of this heat pump, Hybrid Heat is applied. Then, to ensure the quietness of this heat pump, putting air compressor outside of home is not enough. It provides Silence System II design that will be supported by compressor sound blanket and forward sweat fan blades.

Carrier infinity 19

Carrier infinity 19 heat pumpSecond top heat pump from Carrier is still from Infinity series. It is Carrier Infinity 19. In case of efficiency, this type may be lower than the previous heat pump. Yet, its cooling and hating efficiency are still pleasing which are 19 SEER and 10 HSPF. The main superiority of this heat pump is on its energy saving. It uses some high advance technology, too. First, it uses Infinity control and Infinity level advance diagnostic intelligence. It also has filter drier and sound reduction technology that can produces as low as 65 decibels2. The need of electricity to operate this heat pump is considered small, 208 to 230 Volts.

The details of infinity 19 heat pump are really interesting. Each component is certified and acknowledged by international market. You will regret, if you do not bring it to your home. Whereas you know that it guarantees the best temperature on your home.