American Standard Heat Pump Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

Among the other brands, American Standard heat pump is known to elicit positive feedback from customers. For those who are not familiar with heat pump, now is the perfect time to learn about it. This useful device help to maintain room temperature as you wish. During winter, it raises the temperature and during summer, it rejects the heat.

Many people step back after looking at American Standard heat pump prices. Its price is usually above the average of market-affordable value. You should learn a little bit deeper about this brand. Instead of offering overpriced products, American Standard provides high quality features. For this reason, products’ price is a little bit higher.

Ease your curiosity before buying the product by reading American Standard heat pump reviews. You will see that costumers could save their energy bills up to 60%. In addition, all American Standard products surpass the standard grade from Government.

Features, Pros and Cons

American Standard has been around for more than a hundred years. For this reason, many potential customers come to see what it could offer. Some features are outstanding, far above the other competitors. However, the other aspects such as reliability and longevity are often questioned by costumers.

There are several things any potential buyers need to think about: value of the unit and the installation cost. Some brands are giving cheap price for its unit, but high installation cost. The others prefer to raise the model price a little, but buyers will not spend too much on installation. Which one is American Standard?


Buyers will be happy when they have plenty of options to choose. Why? It is because they could compare features and value of each product. In total, there are 17 American Standard models for heat pump. All these products then categorized into three different label; Gold, Silver and Platinum. Instead of comparing product to product, buyers could compare the label.

Those buyers who are looking for quality will usually go for American Standard first. Its top tier model offers 22 SEER, which is highest in heat pump league. Lower range models offer not-so-bad option; 13 SEER. It is strong enough to perform standard function.

American Standard is also popular for its great home automation system. It helps buyers to control the ideal room temperature. Control board is user friendly, ensuring everyone could operate them with ease. This system is called AccuLink Connectivity. Buyers could even control how much energy heat pump might use.
Another thumb up should be given to American Standard for its air purifying system. It is called AccuClean. Again, this system is installed inside the heat pump products. This is a signature feature any American Standard models have.

What are some benefits of it? First, buyers are ensured that air inside their houses is clean. Parents with children won’t have to worry about polluted air anymore. Second, AccuClean used ozone safe technology. Buying American Standard products will not contribute to global warning. In fact, it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emission.


American Standard offer ten years warranty for its entire product. Most buyers wish that they don’t have to hit the costumer service’s number and ask for reparation. In fact, almost all buyers will give a call. Most popular time would be summer. Refrigerate substance often leaks to the coil.

Calling American Standard’s costumer service is quite assuring. They often offer to change the broken parts. There is one requirement though: the broken part is not caused by poor installation procedure. If so, then buyers need to pay for heat pump parts. This fact swipes promotions’ sweet talk; a little higher price is equal to long lasting durability.

Most heat pump uses dual energy fuel. A heat pump will absorb energy from gas furnace and the machine. It means buyers could limit heat pump’s gas consumption. However, whether buyer will pay less or more is depending heavily on machine efficiency. Unfortunately, American Standard constantly gets complaints about their low efficiency products.

What’s The Difference Trane Vs American Standard ?

When people are looking for American Standard products, they will also see Trane next to them. Both are manufactured in one factory. They also share similar parts and compressor. Then what makes them different?

Most obvious difference buyers could see is the color. Trane takes a dark grey while American Standard is presented in light grey. Take a look at the logo on top of the heat pump. Trane logo is orange and American Standard logo is blue.

The Top

It doesn’t apply on every product, but only on the top tier models. Trane includes Duratuff top on its product. American Product also offers this option, only with additional costs.


People know American Standard as basic house appliances. That is why people might believe or despise the brand. Trane, on the other hand, produce only HVAC products. They are targeting middle to high class buyers, ensuring them that all products have premium quality.

American Standard Heat Pump Model’s Recommendation

It is great to have suggestion when trying to buy a product. There are over 15 models for American Standard heat pump. Buyers will spend a lot of time inside the store without any recommendation. Based on costumer review and energy wise, these two models stand out more.

Silver XI

Yes, Silver label product is the bottom line of American Standard product. Previous buyers love the energy efficiency which equal to the affordable value. This is a perfect choice for buyers with limited budget but wish to get decent heat pump performance. It offers up to 15 SEER for cooling purpose.

A unit of Silver XI includes compressor and spine-fin coil made from aluminum. Those who want to upgrade their model could purchase air handler or gas furnace separately. Keep in mind that adding any of these two tools will increase the unit and installation costs.

Also note that Silver XI is available in different tons. It ranges from 1.5 to 5 tons. Of course, each model has different price. The heavier the weight, the price will raise.

Platinum 16

From the top tier model, buyers are suggested to see Platinum 16 first. It is also known as Heritage 16 or XM 16. Why is it appealing to buyers? First, it offers 18 SEER and 9.0 HSPF. Higher level models are just one step above this feature. In the other words, buying Platinum 16 will bring customers closer to top home comfort experience promised by American Standard.

Machine inside Platinum 16 has two stage duration compressors. This is by far the top reviewed and top rated heat pump feature. Many buyers send their praises for this feature. In addition, Platinum 16 also uses environmentally friendly refrigerant: R-410A.

The compressors are running between 70% to 100% capacity. 70% capacity is active during stable condition and 100% capacity runs to maximize heat or cold inside the rooms.

American Standard Heat Pump Prices by Model

The following model should be considered for its price.

Platinum 20

This is practically the highest and the best product American Standard could offer. It boasts the high efficiency with 20 SEER and 10 HSPF. There is few other competitors that offer similar feature. It would reach stable temperature as buyers’ wish while maintaining top efficiency at the same time. Platinum 20 is sold from $4500 for system only and $10.500 with installation.

Usually, middle or lower model will make loud noises. It happens when machine works extra hard. Thanks to sound insulator, noise could be pressed down to 54 dB. Platinum 20 also pack remote controller that could be downloaded in smart phone.

Gold 17

Looking for a middle class model from American Standard? Gold 17 is the best bet among all. It is only one step behind the top products in terms of comfort and efficiency. If top tiers get five stars rate, then Gold 17 gets four stars instead. If you want to buy Gold 17, prepare $3500 to $8800.

Another great feature from Gold 17 is the protection system for the parts. Screws and many important parts are coated with rust resistant agent. This way, buyers could save their money on reparation caused by rusted parts. Although this machine might need reparation someday, buyers could give a call and ask for replacement to American Standard.

Silver 14

Once in a while, browsing through the bottom tier of American Standard products is not a bad thing to do. In fact, buyers might fall to Silver 14. This product has what it takes to maintain steady temperature with great price. Buyers could bring Silver 14 home with only $ 2055 to $6500.

Silver 14 offers 16 SEER and single stage cooling and heating system. Spine Fin Coil inside the machine is coated with rust resistance. Therefore, it could provide longer heat transfer. Don’t worry about protection; Silver 14 gets heavy duty finish.

American Standard Heat Pump Prices By Size

New buyers who never buy heat pump will be confused to see “ton” size. Probably some of them even don’t know how this measurement works.

Prices by Size

Buyers must have noticed how bigger sized heat pump has higher price as well. For example, 1.5 ton heat pump costs $2000 for system only and $6500 if installation is included. Three tons model has different price. System only will cost $2750 while adding installation costs $7750.

If buyers need to buy the biggest ton available, take 5 ton model. Keep in mind to prepare more money as well. This model cost $3860 only for system. Add installation and buyers will pay around $6000 more.

Bigger Is Better?

This is the most common misconception while considering which heat pump to buy. In fact, bigger heat pump will reach desired temperature almost immediately. Do you think that it is a good sign? Think again. Adjusting too fast will make heat pump machine work hard, even when it should have been resting.

In addition to this disadvantage, buyers will spend more money on energy consumption. Not to mention, bigger heat pump often have problems during seasonal changes. Clogged air circulation is the most occurring condition and it causes internal part burnt. Replacing these parts will cost quite high.

Choosing Size

A lot of factors could affect the decision of choosing heat pump size. First of all, buyers should calculate the width of the area. Standard measurement used is square feet. Take 1.5 ton if the house is between 600 to 1000 square feet. Never take the 5 ton unless the area reaches between 2600 to 3200 square feet.

Buyers should also put into consideration number of windows and ventilations. Ask contractor whether certain area outside the house is “losing heat” or “gaining heat”. It will make big difference to buyers’ decision.